6+ Letter of Recommendation Template Sample Function

When you have to deal with formal written documentation or such thing alike, it would be a good idea to have your personal collection of letter of recommendation sample. You can always recommend things but composing a written construction is completely different. Written and oral form is different, so be sure that you know what to expect when writing the recommendation letter.


Understanding a Recommendation Letter

You probably have guessed its function: it is a letter for recommending someone to something or someone else. The letter is generally written by the previous client, colleagues, teacher, or employer recommending one’s academic performance or work. The purpose is to vouch one’s achievement, skill, or aptitude of the recommended individual. Basically, the one writing the letter is pretty confident of the other individuals being recommended.

Imagine this scenario: Your previous employee is planning to continue her study. She asks you to provide the recommendation letter. You know her of being a professional individual and she has a lot of potential and good traits. Instead of you coming to dean’s office to vouch for her ability and characteristics, sending the letter can represent your positive opinions of her. That’s the major function of the letter, and having the letter of recommendation sample can help you compose a positive and professional letter.

How to Construct the Letter

If you see the letter of recommendation sample, there will be some important elements that should be present there:

  • Contact information of the person writing the letter (name, title, company’s name and address, and contact number, and also email)
  • Date when it is sent
  • Greeting or salutation to the intended recipient. If you know the name of the person, use the name instead of just writing ‘To Whom It May Concern’
  • The reason to send the letter on the behalf of the recommended individual
  • The positive traits owned by the recommended individual
  • The recommendation or encouragement to consider the recommended person for the job or opportunity
  • The last paragraph can be about the offer to provide further information, in case such a thing is needed.
  • Salutation
  • Signature and name

Handy Tips to Write the Letter

There are some things that you can consider when writing the letter:

  • Remember that the letter is about providing description for an individual’s skills and qualifications related to the education or employment. It should contain the capabilities and qualities that make the candidate a promising option
  • Choosing who to recommend the letter can be tricky. If the person is considered not worthy, then it is better not having the letter at all than having one written by an unqualified one.
  • You shouldn’t write the letter in a rush, which will be obvious from the form.

The letter should be written by someone who is familiar with the recommended individual’s work or performance. The person should be having an authority position that will mean or impress the reader. When you want to compose such a letter, consulting the letter of recommendation sample can help to polish a professional-looking written document.

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