Attorney-Client Termination Letter and its great example 

The attorney-client termination letter will have an important role for you because it is unlike a personal relationship. The relationship between client-lawyer is a working relationship that is conditional upon the lawyers’ capability to fulfill their professional job. Therefore, you have to arrange it properly.


What is the attorney-client termination letter to include?

Commonly, a client-lawyer relationship will end when a case is settled. Moreover, if you feel at any time you want your lawyer doing their job for you, this attorney-client termination letter idea will make the best choice to arrange. You can include some important information to make this letter awesome to read.

How to create an attorney-client termination letter 

To write this letter, you need to arrange some ideas to make this attorney-client termination letter template impressive. The steps also will help you to make the letter easy to read for the recipient. Here are the steps to follow:

  • You can begin on your first paragraph of the letter to state your termination decision and the date termination will go into effect
  • You also can limit the content of the letter to get helpful information
  • Remember to provide the client with the reason why you are terminating the relationship using a professional tone and respectful wording

Tips to arrange an attorney-client termination letter 

Your attorney-client termination letter format will be better if you include some tips to make this letter. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You have to get straight to the point when you are writing the letter
  • Make your letter being firm that you are likely feeling resolute in your decision to seek the legal representation
  • Make your case plainly and remember to do not be spiteful

The attorney-client termination letter example 

To facilitate your writing this letter, you can follow the attorney-client termination letter example below. This example will guide you to write the proper letter without any difficulties.

This is the sample:

Dear Mr. Harris, 

I decided to terminate our current legal relationship and have accepted the legal counsel elsewhere. I have obtained alternative legal counsel that I will get the best suit from the needs of my case. Suitable with the level of expertise and my needs as a client, I appreciate the time and attention you have spent attending to the case. 

I also will be terminating this relationship since I do not feel that your area of legal expertise appropriately matches the needs of the case. I know that there is more progress that can be made with a lawyer who has specialized experience in criminal. 

I will accept responsibility for all fees that are owed and I also will pay this fee punctually. I ask you to send a copy of my case file immediately to the address above so that I can share this with my newly obtained legal counsel. You probably can send your final bill to the same address. 



Adam Jordan 

You should not worry to write this attorney-client termination letter because each person has their own reason for firing their lawyer. With a good reason, you will get a good letter to give to your lawyer.



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