Rescind Resignation Letter and its great example 

When you quit your job for a certain reason and suddenly experienced a change in circumstances, you probably can arrange a rescind resignation letter for your employer. This letter will help you to try asking for your employer to disregard your resignation. Therefore, this letter has to arrange properly to make it easy to read.


What does it rescind resignation letter mean?

This rescinds resignation letter template is arranged when you inform your employer that you no longer hope to leave your role at the organization. When you submit this letter on your resignation, it is up to the employer to decide whether you can stay or if they will uphold the terms of your initial resignation notice.


How to create a rescind resignation letter 

You must consider when you arrange this rescind resignation letter idea. You have to clearly state in writing that you want to retract your previous statement. To make this letter, you also need to follow some steps below. Here are some of the steps:

  • You can begin your letter by demonstrating your sincerity and be as professional as possible to make it easy to read
  • You also have to include a brief explanation of the situation and your request to get your job back
  • Remember to make a hope to give a reminder of your accomplishment and your contact details

Tips to write a rescind resignation letter 

Furthermore, you also will need some tips to write a rescind resignation letter format. The tips below will help you to make your letter easy to read for the recipient. Here are some of the tips:

  • You have to write your rights and consider the situation where an employee resigned and their supervisor said they can change their mind at any time
  • You also have to read your company handbook and talk to your supervisor ahead of time
  • Do not forget to open the line of communication and prepare the evidence if you have a particularly strong reason for wanting to keep your job

The example of a rescind resignation letter 

Besides, this rescinds resignation letter sample also will help you to arrange the proper letter without any difficulties. This example template will lead you to write and it also can be used as your reference to write the letter.

This is the sample:

Dear Mr. Henderson, 

I am writing this letter to rescind my resignation from my position as a designer at Quality Design Corporation which I sent to you on July 12, 2016. My plans to move to other states have suddenly fallen through. Because of that, I want to request that I may continue coming to work as usual. I really hope that this causes no inconvenience to you or Quality Design Company and understand if it is no longer possible. 

I wish that the integrity with which I worked at Quality Design Corporation will speak for itself in this situation. I also want to remind you that I earned two employees of the month award during my time in this company. If there is anything that I can do, please let me know. I want to love to hear from you via telephone at 222-777-8888.

I have enjoyed my time working at Quality Design Corporation and truly hope that I can continue on there. I look forward to seeing the rest of the team again. Thank you for your understanding and consideration. 

Yours sincerely, 


Keith Humming

Senior Designer 

Quality Design Corporation 

That is all about the rescind resignation letter. You should not worry to arrange it as long as you give the proper reason to write this letter.


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