5+ Phone Tree Template


How to Create a Phone Tree Template Sample

A phone tree template sample is a useful document if there is an emergency event. People in the template can be contacted when you are in an emergency.

Everyone can experience an emergency at any time. You must realize and prepare anything to deal with this condition. By making a phone tree template sample, you are preventing a worse situation in the emergency.

How to Create and Benefits of a Phone Tree Template Sample

The phone tree template sample is a strategy you can use to obtain an emergency response in your organization. In the template, there are names and contact information you can use when you are in an emergency.

You can easily contact them who are displayed in the template. Do you wonder to know how to create this kind of template? Here are the steps.

1. How to make a phone tree template sample in Ms. Word

You can create your phone tree template in MS. Word. It is how to create it.

· Open a page in MS. Word

· Go to Insert tab and click Illustrations

· There will be several options. Choose the SmartArt

· Then, find the button called Hierarchy. Choose one template you want to use

· Adjust the boxes in the template based on your needs

· If you need more, you can go to the Design tab, then click Create Graphic. Then, Add Shape. You can adjust the number of boxes you need.

· If you think that your needs have been in the template, you can click File then select Save As.

· Choose your file destination for saving the template. Don’t forget to name the File.

2. The benefits of a phone tree template sample

  • It can be used to communicate with several people in the template in a short duration.
  • It also enables you to two-way communication between the caller and the recipient.
  • It allows you to report back to the superior when the person you contact is not answering.
  • The template can create a common source of information among people in the phone tree template since they can share what they have among themselves.


After you are creating your phone tree template sample, you need to share it with people whose names are in the template. It will make them aware that they are in the list of emergency calls if there is one of the names in the template calls them.

You can make the rules to notice the calls among people in the template. Make sure that they understand the regulation of the phone tree template sample, especially in an emergency.


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