5+ Style Guide Template


A Style Guide Template Sample, A Template of Demonstrating Your Brand


You need a style guide template sample when you want to have a specific recognition of your brand. This will allow you to get loyal customers.

Many business people want their brand to be reliable. The strong brand can be the assets that are the most valuable. It’s not a blink of an eye to have a strong brand, but is built through consistency. You can show off the consistency through the style guide template sample.


A Style Guide template sample is The First Step

A style guide template is to communicate a message about what your organization is. You can perform the logo and its colors until what your organization has in the template. Those things can impress people to your brand.

By making a style guide template sample, you are one step closer to make your brand strong.

1. Tips for creating a style guide template sample

When you want to create a template about it, you need to know several tips in making it stunning.

  • You have to recognize your audience. This condition will make you get fantastic ideas to fulfill their expectations. When you know who your audience is, you can communicate with them well.

  • Download one of the available style guides. It can be an overview for you to create yours. It will trigger your creativity to adjust the needs of your brand to be recognizable since you don’t want to follow every rule mentioned in the downloaded style guide.

  • You need to define the terms of your brands in the style guide template that is only used by your organization.


  • The jargon is also essential. You have to point out the phrases of your terms to create jargon that will be understood by both insiders and outsiders of your organization.


  • When you make a style guide template, you need to add the image guidelines to support the words you state in the template.


  • Make sure that the style guide template is describing your consistency since it can be a representative of your brand.


2. The importance of brand consistency

  • The consistency of a brand will allow marketers to differentiate the products.
  • It also encourages the loyalty of marketers and brand recognition.
  • The customers’ perception can be driven through brand consistency.
  • The expectation of the customers can be fulfilled by the company or organization.


You can try the tips when you want to create the style guide template sample. You can try the tips when you want to make an example of a style guide template. You must remember that the key to success is consistency.


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