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Daily Calendar Template


Calendars help us organize schedules effectively, making it easier for us to do various events easily. As one of the house’s mandatory objects, we can also make our daily calendar template with an attractive design so that it is easier to see to set the schedule that we will make. Well, now you can learn to make calendars easily that are unique and interesting.

As a useful object, of course, we often find it at home, office desks, and various shops to find out the date. Well, usually the standard calendar design, so it seems very monotonous. Well, so that your days are more productive, then you can custom yourself. But high creativity is needed so that the results are impressive so that it is easier to read.


How to Make a Calendar with Microsoft Word

The first instructions for making a calendar using Microsoft Word can be done quickly through the steps below:


  1. Open Microsoft Word

The first step is to open Microsoft Word, then move the cursor to the search section, then type “Calendar”. After that, several templates will appear, choose the model that suits you. To see some of these templates, you need to connect laptops or computers with an internet connection.

  1. Select Template

If you have found the desired template, then you can directly click “Create” to start downloading the template. If the calendar is finished downloading, you can start changing the layout and color as desired.

When finished, you can immediately click the save button to save the file on the computer.


How to Make an Automatic Calendar Design with Corel Draw

In addition to using Microsoft Word, you can also create an automatic calendar design with Coreldraw, which is easy and intuitive; here’s how to use it.


  1. Open the Corel Draw Application

If you have opened the Corel draw application, please create a new page by clicking the Ctrl + N key on the keyboard. After that, you will be asked to choose a paper size such as A4, A3, and other paper sizes.

  1. Click the Menu Bar

When you finish selecting the paper size, you can then open the menu bar, click Tools, select Macros, and click Run Macro. When you open the Run Macro dialog box, a Wizard will appear.

Click create a calendar on the Macros menu, select the Calendar Wizard then click Run immediately.


  1. Arrange the Design

After you open the Oberon Calendar Wizard dialog box, first set the design to your liking. For example, provide a checkmark in the “month” display design options that you want to display.

For layout options, you can select Year: Image + 13 small (3×4), then in the Small Header Tab menu, you can check the show year option.


Add images to the calendar layout with a photo space; the goal is to beautify the appearance. The trick, click the image object than on the menu bar Effects> Powerclip> Place Inside Container.

After that, your cursor turns into an arrow to the right. The arrows point to the available rectangle then click.


  1. Click Generate

If you have finished setting the layout, then proceed by clicking Generate. Then, the calendar will automatically be formed. After that, the finished generating the calender contact appears, continue by clicking OK. Press the Close button to close the Oberon Calendar Wizard v3.5 dialog box.

Daily Calendar Example

That’s a brief explanation of how to create a daily calendar template using Microsoft Word and Corel Draw that is easy.




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