A Quick Guide On How To Write Child Care Termination Letter

Many parents depend on their child care provider so they can finish another task. If the child care provider decides to terminate the contract, it will disrupt their daily life as they have to get accustomed to her assistance. If you are a child care provider, and you are planning to end the contract, the best way is to write the child care termination letter to minimize the anxiety of the parents. It is also better to submit your termination letter earlier so they can get prepared.


Does Termination Mean “Fired”?

Termination can mean ending the employment contract with a company or someone. This can mean a person is fired or laid off. In the child care termination letter, the case here means ending the contract voluntarily. A person who is working in this sector is allowed to end the contract.

How To Respond To A Termination Letter?

If your child provider submits a child care termination letter, the best way to respond is by writing the termination acceptance letter. Here are some short guidelines on how to do it properly:

  • Write a formal letter with proper politeness. Even though you might get shocked, you have to be professional in letting your care provider go.
  • Never skip a thankfulness and salute the individual who has worked for you in handling your kids.
  • make sure to recheck your writing in case you find some words that must be changed. Ask your partner to recheck your letter.
  • Add some crucial details about the agency and individual.

What Are The Format Of A Child Care Termination Letter

The most important thing to be addressed in the letter is the effective date. Make sure to put the date on the first paragraph along with the opening. Make sure to use a nice and polite tone and keep it respectful. Additionally, include all details about the tuition and any fees if it is necessary. You can send the letter by email or give it directly to the person.

The Sample of A Child Care Termination Letter

Dear Mr. Davidson,

With deep regret, I would like to inform you that I have decided to stop providing childcare services effective from February 4, 2021. As you know, I have been serving in the child care service for 20 years already. I have considered a lot of aspects of what is better for kids and myself.

As you know, my health is getting worse and I want to focus on my treatment after ending this contract. I have been attending a lot of treatments recently which has made me struggle to keep the tasks and my business balance. So, I think it is the best decision for the kids and me. Also, it is best for you that you can search for another new child care service provider who can give full service.

Lastly, I would like to meet you during these two weeks to discuss my leaving. I will be glad if you allow me to talk to kids personally and I Expect to make them understand that this is the best for them.

I am very sad that I should leave your family.  During my service, the kids have given me a lot of joy. Therefore, I am thankful to you for giving me a chance to take care of James and Charlotte. I will miss both of them.

I am planning to make a small farewell party for the kids and you on my last day of work. I hope you and your husband can attend and enjoy a small party I will hold. I will send the details later.

I wish you and your family a good life and many years of happiness.





Karina Thaiq

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