A Sample Of Real Estate Resignation Letter You Can Reuse

In life, some conditions require you to choose. It sometimes makes you choose to leave your job and prioritize other things such as health, family, or relocation. If you are in this position, You don’t wish to leave your company without news. Submitting the real estate resignation letter is the best way to end a contract.


How To Quit From Your Job Smoothly

Tell It Only To Your Manager

If you are planning to quit your company, go tell it your manager first before your co-workers. Even though one of them is your partner in crime. This is an excellent way to get control over the news about you.

Know What You Are Going To Say

Most employees fail when meeting the boss to tell them they want to quit. Conversation can be a little awkward and very difficult. If you don’t want to make your conversation out of context, which leads you to delay your resignation, it is better to know what you want. What if the boss gives you an offer so you could stay? It is better to say “No”. It shows that you have a strong decision and you are a person who can keep the words.

Write The Real Restate Resignation Letter

You might think about discussing your resignation letter verbally, but actually, you need to go with your official resignation letter. Besides, it is wise to write it with your hand. The purpose of giving a written resignation is to avoid confusion about your departure. Furthermore, companies also ask for a copy of your resignation letter to be distributed to the related departments. They do this as a notice that you will no longer be working in the company after the date.

What Are The Components Of Real Estate Resignation Letter?

There are three main parts you must include in your real estate resignation letter. They are the last day of your work, the reasons why you quit, and some statements of gratitude.

A Simple Example About Real Estate Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Tony,

I would like to tell you that I will be resigning from ABC Realty starting from February 4, 2021. I have taken a lot of consideration and thoughts about my resignations. As you know, I am expecting a baby soon, and my health is getting worse.

After my resignation, I want to focus on my health and baby’s development. So, please accept this resignation letter.

My responsibilities will be taken over by Ms. Regina Alby. I recommend Ms. Regina Alby due to her professionality and skills in the real estate industry. She will contact you to discuss this matter soon. In the meantime, if you have anything to discuss, please never hesitate to call me at (555)666-666 or by email at Aytac.Heseva@email.com.

These 4 years of service working in your business has given me a lot of valuable experience. I love working in this company especially the lesson I got from you and coworkers. It helped me a lot in fixing various issues. I am thankful and I wish you all the best. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Yours Sincerely



Rica Alba

Don’t forget to give an early notice so your company can get prepared with the transition. That is all our short explanation about the real estate resignation letter.

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