The Example Of Faculty Resignation Letter And Tips How To Make It Smooth

For some reason, someone must submit a faculty resignation letter. For example due to health problems, moving to another city, career change, or incompetency. Regardless of these reasons, ending a contract will be better if it starts with the faculty resignation letter.


How to Resign From Your Position Effectively?

Leaving a positive impression before leaving your job gives a good employment reference. You don’t know if in the future you will need this.

Note that you are more appreciated to resign with a two-week early notice. Make sure to write it in a professional tone and thanks to your employer for the chance and experience you have got from the company.

Clean Up Your Desk

Even though you give them early notice, your boss might allow you to leave directly and show you the door. Therefore, before submitting the resignation letter, be sure to clean up your desk first, even your computer folder. Tidy up everything so other employees or the person who will replace you will not find difficulties in handling unfinished projects.

Avoid Criticizing Your Company

No matter how your hate your company, make sure not to share it with anyone. If you say it to other employees, they might twist it turn it into gossip. Always be careful with your words.

Get The Details

When you decide to quit the company, make sure you get all the details from the last payments and other benefits. This includes health insurance if it is available.

Don’t Be Negative

Always emphasize the positive sides with the co-workers. You don’t need to talk about the bad sides of your boss or company. Leave the company on good terms.

never Brag About The New Job

Be careful about your new career. You don’t have any point to brag about your new job to the other staff as this will make them feel bad about themselves. Or else, they will start gossiping about you which will leave a bad reputation.

Faculty Resignation Letter Example

Dear Dean Derreck: 

I am writing this letter as formal resignation from my position in the Biology Faculty of ABC University. The effective day of my resignation will be at the end of this semester. As we have discussed before, I have been accepted into a researcher team of XYZ Tech in South Africa. I am very excited to join this institution as becoming part of a scientist is my dream. However, I will miss the students and my amazing colleagues at ABC University.

I will be happy to discuss any opportunities during my service with my research team about the chance of allowing an internship from ABC University. I will contact you as I find good news.

I want to emphasize that during the last 4 years, ABC University has given me a lot of opportunities. I have learned a lot from you, students, and other lecturers too. I can’t describe how thankful I am for working at this university. I wish you all the best, and I hope we will cross the same path shortly.


Yours Sincerely


Diana Ford

The faculty resignation letter has the same principle as other resignation letters. Only you need to emphasize the reasons for your quitting.  This letter example is editable, you can reuse it for your purpose.

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