Youth Ministry Resignation Letter to Pursue Higher Studies

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to say to the pastor or the church when you, as the youth minister want to leave the position as the minister because of your personal reason. It includes taking care of family members, illness, or pursuing higher study. It is always nothing matter when you leave because of your personal reason, as long as your reason is logical, can be held for responsible, and honest. You may opt to write a youth ministry resignation letter to professionally leave your minister job in the church.


What to Write in The Resignation Letter?

First thing first, put gratitude to the church and the senior pastor for the opportunity. It includes the opportunity to work there, the guidance and coaching have given there, and the experience to be a part of that church, either its activity or its family.

When to Write and Hand the Resignation Letter?

You should write the resignation letter when everything you have already set up, either for your next study or your transition matters. Prepare everything including self-readiness beside the thing you make for the seamless transition. Once you already write the youth ministry resignation letter, hand them to the senior pastor in a good manner. Make sure you have considered the fourteen days prior to the official leaving day to hand the resignation letter.

How Do You Write It?

The resignation letter should be handwritten with readable writings or typed using computers, then printed on paper. The youth ministry resignation letter should comprise several must-thing, such as gratitude, official expected day to leave, and reason to leave. Ensure you write it in a good manner as it is resembling you in front of the senior pastor.

You may opt to study this example of a resignation letter to make you more understand about how to write it properly and appropriately.

Example of Youth Ministry Resignation Letter You May Consider

Dear Senior Pastor Chadwick, Rustic Valley Church Big Family

By the assorted feelings, with the grateful heart that I compose this letter to you all to inform you that I will file my resignation as the youth minister at Rustic Valley Church. It has been great 4 years serving as the youth minister and knowing also loving everyone here. The pleasing people in this church have become my closest family. Therefore, I cannot conceal my sadness when I have to leave everyone.

However, my leaving is to pursue higher education at the RST University majoring in ministry which I have been dreaming of since my childhood.

I want to express my greatest gratitude to have had the honor and privilege to cater as the minister in this church for these last four years. Also, I want to thank personally to Senior Pastor Chadwick, who allows me to dig up much experience in this delightful place.

The people of the Rustic Valley Church and all of the people were extraordinary and amazing people who love God and make the best effort to serve Him in each day of their lives. I believe I have grown and will resume my journey of life into the next phase as I follow God’s lead. With pleasant gratitude and a cheerful heart, I am.




Lucius Ludacris



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