Professionally Resign Using Daycare Resignation Letter

Daycare centers provide assistance to parents who have to go to work, while they have children. As the employee of the daycare who responsible to take care of parents’ children, professional traits should be with you when you are working for the daycare center. Even when you are going to resign, you should express the professionality by writing a daycare resignation letter.

Writing a resignation letter for the daycare center should comply with several unwritten rules such as, filed your letter at least fourteen days prior to your official resignation date, including leaving your working area and files in good order, up to offer to help to train the new hire whom will replace you. Those things are preferred to be done if you want to make sure you leave a positive and professional impression.

Here are numerous matters you should elaborate on in your daycare resignation letter to make them sound professionally and appropriately perceived by either the employer, colleagues, or the children’s parents or guardians.


Addressing Human Resource Division

The number one important thing to write in your resignation letter is addressing the human resource division or people in charge of recruiting and hiring employees in your daycare center. It is important to address them and you should direct this letter to them as you want to speak with them directly.

Indicate the Last Official Day in The Daycare

The next thing you should include in your resignation letter for the daycare is the last official day. The last day you expected to work in the daycare will be a consideration for the human resource division or anyone in charge of hiring and recruiting employees for their openings and training the new hire who will replace you. Make sure you filed your daycare resignation letter fourteen days prior to the expected last day you work there. It relates to the period for your employer to look for recruits and train them stuff they have to do to replace you.

Provide Reason for Your Leaving

Never forget to mention the reason why you are leaving your current role in the daycare. Ensure it is stated with non-offensive words to make sure the positive impressions and good rapport you maintain before, and whilst you work in the daycare. However, it is always ok to not to mention the reason for your leaving, but it is better to state it for a transparent and honest perception.

Offer Help for Your Transition

Offerings for your transition are simply perceived a professional behavior. Things like recommends a candidate to replace you, or offering to help to train the new recruits surely well-appreciated things by your employer.

Below is the example of the resignation letter for the daycare center to sum up your ideas about how to write it properly and professionally.


Sample of Daycare Resignation Letter You Can Attach

Dear Ms. Lovegood

Please accept my resignation letter as the pre-K teacher at JKL Daycare Center which is effective on December 17th, 2018. It’s been a huge pleasure to be a part of the JKL Daycare Center. As you know, after much discussion with my parents and Ms. Lovegood several days ago, I should leave to take care of my parents who have illness in Ontario, Canada.

I have found every moment of the 6 years that I have catered as the pre-K teacher at JKL Daycare Center is pleasuring. I love each one of the children here, and I will terribly miss them when I go to Ontario. I also will be miss every staff and every teacher at JKL Daycare Center who became the best friend of mine. I believe that you run the most high-valued daycare in Texas. Supported by the high facilitated premise, great books, and very warm atmosphere makes me feel so comfortable. I am happy to assist you in training the new recruits who replace me. I have set everything up in a good order to make my transition seamless.

I hope to see you and keep in touch with you even when time and space separate.



Ginny Chang



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