6+ Tracks Your Workflow with Flow Chart Template

Did you just feel like you have many things inside to be a track of? Then the flowchart will help you to keep them straight. The flow chart is the diagram that visualizes the workflow or the process. Usually, you will use the boxes in order to represent different stages in the process, then you are able to connect those stages in the arrows or lines as well. The flowchart is very suitable to be included in the presentation, reports or the white paper – wherever you need to communicate and simplify the process in order to help you make a decision. However, creating the flowchart from the stretch can be confusing, therefore you can just simply using flowchart template based on your need.

How to make your flowchart in order to communicate a process and make your decision simpler:

  • You are able to plan your flowchart before you start designing it, such as how many steps that you want to have
  • You can choose the flowchart templatebased on a process that you want to be visualized
  • You can add, remove or adjust the points in the flow by using many available tools
  • Entering your dates and events inside the text boxes
  • Then you can customize your font, color, and icon to make your own design

How to use the flowchart template based on your need?

  • You can the flowchart templateto show the parts to make a whole

One of the best ways to use the flowchart is breaking down the parts of the whole. It means that you can break the concepts into components or you can break the larger topic of subcategories like different aspects form the digital marketings. The graph can start from the total budget and then grouped them into smaller parts and icons to represent each stage.

  • You can combine two simple flow charts to represent how the processes divide

Do you want to visualize two processes which working in tandem? Then you might want to get a flowchart that represents both of them. The key to combine your flowchart is by keeping the charts stay as simple as possible. If you try to insert too many parts, then your flowchart will become a mess quickly.

  • Using the color code to help your flowchart become easier to scan

You are able to use colors to distinguish between specific points, types of information and provide the personality in your flow chart. Such as, you can use a color to differentiate the stages during the process, this does not only help the reader to remember this information, it also makes your flowchart is easy to scan as well.

  • You can use icons to illustrate and give emphasize each point in your flow chart

Icons are other elements that you can use to make information is easier to remember as well. You are able to use an icon to emphasize a point and illustrate your concept.

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