Writing Bartender Cover Letter For Your Dream Job

Nowadays, working as a bartender in a cafe is happening among teenagers. Serving the beverages to the customers, taking note of the orders, preparing new recipes of beverages, etc. seen as a promising profession. However, to actualize getting the following job could begin with writing a bartender cover letter to the cafe you want. Prior to apply for the job, the following consideration is taken place to be remembered that will be explained more below.

Responsibilities of Being A Bartender

Every cafe or any bar has its own rules that are implied to the responsibilities of a bartender. Below are the general responsibilities of being a bartender.

Important 3 Bartenders Rule

There is a rule that a bartender should live by. This rule consists of many rules. However, the following most important rule is the thing that should you keep in mind.

  • Keep Them Happy – Keeping customers happy is the main objective of every A happier customer means more tips you could earn.
  • Keep It Professional – you are working, not at a party, therefore you should keep your behavior and all of the things is professional. Serving beverages for the customers does not always mean you could drink all the way.
  • People are Watching – Become a bartender means becoming the center of attention. Ensuring you are engaging enough is a positive point you have to pave your way to your successful career.

Writing A Bartender Cover Letter

Once you have considered the matters above, make up your mind and begin to write the cover letter. Your cover letter should encompass your interest, motivation, experiences and achievements, and background. Below is the example of a bartender cover letter you may use as a reference or reuse.

Dear Mr. Dean Danisson,

Please accept my application letter to express my interest to be a bartender at the Danisson Cafe.

I am willing and able to work within long hours, also on any shift. I am also able to give my best effort within a dynamic environment and enjoy to know the guests. Providing them with my best-formulated beverage recipe is a pleasure and enjoyment for me. I could say I am knowing how to make any special beverages which conform to the theme of the cafe. I always learn the new combinations of the beverages, so that I am able to serve any beverages that customer wants.

I have current certification in working with cocktails, and typically I am continuing to take the course every year to keep up-to-date with the new cocktail creations. Also, I understand enough to operate basic point of sales application to handle the transactions.

I believe my qualifications and energy could contribute more to Danisson Cafe. I am available to be reached by phone at (333)333333 or by email at email1@domain.com or email2@domain.com. I am very pleased to discuss the detail with you  about my possibility to fill the vacancy very soon.



Walter Quasie

That is all about applying for the job to be the bartender in your desired cafe. Remember to write an engaging bartender cover letter to guarantee that the interview phase is yours. Good luck.



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