An Ultimate Guide To Write A Teacher Reference Letter

A teacher reference letter will be very useful for someone who has just graduated from college or university. This is written on behalf of a person who is seeking a job or scholarship. This letter will be more impressive when written by the principal, supervising teacher, or the administrator. On this page, you can learn a little bit about how to write a teacher reference letter.


What Is The Format of A teacher Reference Letter?

The format of the teacher reference letter is almost the same as the others. You need to state the name and the title of the person. Besides, mention your relationship with the applicant. Keep in mind to write the person’s specific college degree and level of education along with the excellency in certain skills.

What Are Top Qualities To Be A Good Teacher?

Since the teacher reference letter is for a person who is seeking a job as a teacher, note that you have seen the following qualities before writing him/her a recommendation letter.

Ability to develop a relationship

A good teacher is not only excellent at delivering material, but also at building relationships with the students. This is needed to create a safe and conducive learning environment.

Knowledge of learners

A good teacher must know each of his/her student’s progress.  It is impossible to know it all, but a good teacher at least knows how to record student’s progress in an effective way. At this point, he or she needs to develop various strategies to help students who have weak mastery. Awareness of students’ knowledge is crucial to decide what kind of teaching method and material can be delivered.

Teaching dedication

Furthermore, it is a must factor that a teacher must have a strong dedication to teaching. When someone has a strong dedication, he or she will find a lot of ways to make the students progress. This will also lead to an impressive teaching and learning environment that the teacher will find it easier to engage with students.

Dear Principal Plump:

As you know, I have been teaching in Palm School for 10 years and I have met various student teachers serving and helping me in my class, 6th grader. I must say that Ms. Elsa is by far the most excellent student teacher that I have ever met. She is the most effective and energetic student who developed various things in my class.

Ms. Elsa has just graduated from ABC University with a bachelor’s degree specified in Children Education. she also has just received her teaching license to teach in California. I would like to recommend Ms. Elsa to fill a vacant position at Palm School. She has completed the drug testing and application. She will have an interview with you next Monday, 11 January 2021.

Ms. Elsa is a patient and hardworking person. She is always curious about new things and wants to learn something new. During her service, I saw her dedication in teaching that she even spent some time teaching students who had weak mastery in math.

It is my pleasure to recommend her as I have worked with her during her apprenticeship several years ago. We discussed various things in the class and we made some small projects which I find successful for teaching and learning.

Thank you for your consideration.



Erika Halim

We hope that the tips above help you write the teacher reference letter. Be sure to consider various aspects before recommending someone.


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