18+ Wanted Poster Template and How to Make It


What is the wanted poster template?

If you watch the western movies, there are often scenes when the Sherriff look for the criminals by attaching a “wanted” sheet of paper on the wall. Then, the people are crowded around to see who and how the criminal looks like. Well, this is a brief explanation regarding the Wanted Poster.

In this modern day, this poster is still created to look for the criminals but the templates tend to be more modern. Those posters are also not only being attached on the wall but also sending via emails or publishing on certain websites. So, are you interested to make the posters whether for your jobs as a police or simply just for fun?

What is the purpose of the wanted poster template?

It is clear enough anyway why you should make this poster template. This way, the person that you are looking for can just be found faster. It is because in the poster, the face of the wanted person as well as the characteristics is mentioned. Sure, there is the name also that enables people who know him to make a report.

In this modern day, the description can be much more complete due to the high technology. As an example, today’s police are able to identify if there is any change in the criminal’s physical appearances due to the plastic surgery and the likes. Sure, those possibilities must also be typed down to ease the others to know him.

How to make the wanted poster template?

Manually, the criminal’s face can be painted. Sure, there must be an artist working in the police department especially doing this. Then, the identity and all the explanations can just be written down manually.

Sure, it is possible also to all of this using the computer program. The identity and the explanations are also typed, not manually written. You should be really careful about making this poster. In fact, there are some people who look very similar from one to another. Arresting the wrong person must be avoided.

In term of drawing and painting the criminal’s face, pay attention to the details including the birthmarks and scars. The birthmarks are in the form of mole, wart, and more. Besides, make sure that the skin tone, eyes colors, and the hair type are completely correct.

Sure, some templates have been available to ease your work. The next thing to do is placing the photo of the criminal there. Then, add the description as it has been mentioned above.

How are the guidelines for the wanted poster writing?

There are some important matters should be considered in making the wanted poster template. The first and the most important point is the word “wanted”. It is typed in a big and eye catching way so that the others can just be simply interested in it. After the “wanted” word, there is the big picture of the person along with the explanation that he must be found dead or alive.

Lastly, it is followed by the name along with any other descriptions related to the person. You can courage also other people to help you to find the person with the money as a gift.

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