Best Recommendation of Chef Cover Letter Examples

The culinary industry has been going around for a long time and chef is a job that many people are interested in, no matter how demanding the work is or the qualifications are. If you are interested in becoming a chef, this article can help you in providing the best chef cover letter examples and the related information to consider.


Qualifications of Becoming Chef

Before reading the chef cover letter examples section, you need to know that both educational background and experience are needed to be a chef. Someone must possess the culinary knowledge which can be gotten from formal education (university, college, or culinary school), some culinary training, or even from the kitchen itself. There are opportunities for inexperienced to work in the kitchen but s/he starts from the bottom, either as a trainee to kitchen assistant and way up following the kitchen hierarchy. Make sure to stay focused, get as much as experience as you can, and never stop learning.

Skills Needed to be a Chef

To be a chef is a long way to go, you cannot just find a chef cover letter examples and write them while being inexperienced in the kitchen. It is not enough for someone to only have the experience, but also possessing these skills.

Eagerness to Learn

There is always something new happening in the kitchen every day. No matter how experienced a chef is, they need to have the willingness to learn the new technique, flavor, food combination to find the best taste.


Working in the kitchen can get very busy that you need to do two things at a time. Being a chef needs to master this skill as they monitor the work in each department in the kitchen, the given service, until the experience that customers have.


The professional chef knows how to work and keep the kitchen clean at the same time. It is a basic rule that the kitchen has to be cleaned every time it gets messy as it won’t get in the way of the work.

Best Chef Cover Letter Examples

Below is the chef cover letter examples sent by an assistant chef who applies for a chef in a restaurant.

Dear Mr. Reynold,

I am applying for the position of chef in your establishment as it is advertised on the restaurant website. I have been working in the kitchen for seven years with numerous kitchen operations and I believe my experience will make me the right candidate for the role.

As I attached in the resume, I was the chef assistant in ABC Restaurant for three years. I am familiar with numerous cooking techniques to cook diverse meals from the appetizers, main course, and desserts. My passion for cooking becomes the main reason to keep learning from every food that has been served in the kitchen. I am eager to do something more than just following recipes as I explore the new flavor or ways of plating that are based on creativity.

I am sure you have heard about the Vegan Pack, a vegetarian menu from ABC Restaurant that has become the talk of the town, I proposed the idea of how to make healthy but delicious food for vegetarian people, and it was approved by the head chef.

I constantly clean the kitchen from ingredients preparation, the proses of cooking, until process of putting the food on the plate. I believe a messy kitchen will not have a good impact on everyone who is working in the kitchen. I hope you consider me to fill in the position. I can be reached at 111-222-444.



Mark Phinneas

We hope the chef cover letter examples above provide essential information on how to write a cover letter professionally.




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