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How to Make Employee of The Month Template


Appreciating an employee who has done his/her best is a sign of a healthy company. A company runs by valuing the people work for them tend to last long and garner more loyal employees. Most of the time, we give them a certificate or put their picture for display. There are some ideas to make an attractive and appreciative employee of the month template. Here is the step to create one, along with the possible approaches to try.

Steps to Make Employee of The Month Certificate

  1. Use Their Best Photos

A company will display their best employee’s face for a whole month. On this occasion, they want to look best since people will see their faces on board (if the company put one). Thus consider this by showing the best picture, especially the one where it looks the most positive.

A positive-looking picture will also motivate other employees. Having their faces on board is a pride any employees should go. If there are no other pictures besides their formal company picture, you can ask the employee to retake it.

  1. Put Their Messages on Display

A reward for the best and most hardworking employee is to appreciate and encourage others to achieve the same. Even better, they can surpass the current best one. To make this happen, motivate them with what the best employee has to say. It is a punch line that works wonder for those who still work below or average expectation.

Highlight the message with a readable font type. It is best not to take the spotlight away from the picture of the best employee, but make sure the message is still visible for a 3-5 meter vision radius.

  1. Give Printed Certificate

Aside from displaying pictures, give the employee a certificate she/he can keep it. Typically, people like to feel appreciated, and they will be happy to receive a badge that shows their hard work. Thus, please give them the printed version of the certificate.

Besides, a signature from the respective supervisor is the catch. A certificate from a supervisor will look valid. If a company does not display, this printed certificate can still work by only using the employee of the month template.

  1. Design A Badge

Another way to create an employee of the month template is by giving a badge. Unlike certificate or picture display, people can carry a badge around. Consider this to be a special treat to show someone is highly appreciated while doing their jobs. Chosen employees can wear this badge for several days in a month. The symbol will give the person a sense of pride and respect.

Moreover, it is also more noticeable since anyone can wear them while going anywhere in the office.

Bottom Line

A superior knows that respecting people’s integrity and work ethic is crucial to maintain productivity. Those ideas can be the starter to create a healthier work circle. Not only will it make the one who got it to feel respected, it will also boost other employees’ motivation.



Employee of The Month Design Ideas

Employee of The Month Ideas




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