A Useful Guidance in Writing Nurse Acceptance Letter

Thousands of nurses are accepted to the medical institutions every year. The need of nurse job has skyrocketed since the pandemic in 2019. It is a job with huge responsibility that requires a nurse education before being accepted and officially work in the medical institution. Therefore, when an individual is accepted in a nurse college or school, usually the institution sends a nurse acceptance letter to deliver the good news as a common courtesy.

Benefits of Enrolling to Nurse College

Although many people say it is hard and it takes more work in the real-life situation, nurse college still becomes the favorite. It is not entirely strange as there are few benefits by enrolling to the nurse college. The first is more career opportunity. With the amount of hospital and clinic nowadays, the career for nurse is increasingly desired. Also, the stable salary is the next reason. With the long hours and huge responsibility that a nurse has, the salary must be in the reasonable point to receive. Being a nurse can also be as a means to spread awareness of the healthy lifestyle to everyone. By giving a good role model to the patients or people in general will help the society to have better lifestyle.

What is Included in Nurse Acceptance Letter?

The basic information included in the acceptance letter is similar for many education institutions, including nurse college. The letter is started with the acceptance of the students and the start of the semester. The detailed information about the course is following up next and if the university holds the students’ events before the semester starts, the information will be announced as well in the nurse acceptance letter. The letter is usually written in a formal tone as it is released by the institution and it acts as the formal letter sent to the accepted students.

Sample of Nurse Acceptance Letter

Below is a sample of nurse acceptance letter that is sent by a nurse college to a new accepted student.

Dear Ms. Isabella,

Congratulations! With this letter, I inform you that you are accepted in a nurse programme in XYZ Nurse College. The semester begins in September 2018. We have checked your documents including the academic records, achievement certificates and a reference letter and we think that you are a suitable candidate for the students in our college. We also attach a list of requirement courses that you have to take in the first semester.

You have shown us the ability and experience you have despite your young age and we are sure that you can become better nurse in the future under the guidance of professional assistance and needed knowledge that you will get from our nurse college. Before the semester begins, we have a seminar required for new students which will be held on 18 August, 2018. Please check the information attached with this letter and contact Mrs. Theresa at 111-222-333 to confirm your attendance.

If you have further questions about the seminar or the new upcoming semester, please contact our office at 111-333-555. Once again, congratulations and we cannot wait to see you on September.




Dr. Hopkins Lawrence

Hopefully, the nurse acceptance letter above can give you more insight about its format and content.


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