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Journalist Resume Sample to Join the Recruitment Process

For a journalist candidate, writing a resume is the essential point that needs to be done. Well, a resume is a professional document to show the whole personal information, especially the capabilities. Since its importance, it is also essential to know about the journalist resume sample.

Yes, a resume sample can be a good reference. By using a sample, you will know the detailed information that should be written inside a resume. On another hand, the sample also will inform the arrangement of a resume, so you could create your best professional resume.

Here, we will talk about some matters of the professional journalist resume, including the sample. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Sample of Professional Journalist Resume

Considering a sample before writing your professional resume is a good idea to do. By seeing a sample of the professional resume, of course, you will know what information that should be added inside a resume and how to arrange the detailed points there.

Here, we have a simple sample that can be your reference in writing a resume. Read the whole sample below:

Veronica Jean

Manchester, UK | (555) 812-1009 | vero.jean@email.com

Professional Summary

A highly dedicated and exceptionally skilled journalist with a high determination to find accurate stories and deliver them to the public. Flexible and willing to work hours as needed. Has authored exposes of award-winning and believe in protecting the detailed confidentiality of the anonymous sources.

Core Qualification

  • Strong integrity of journalist
  • Flexibility with hours
  • Dedicated and determined
  • Fair and objective reporting
  • Very proficient with all word processing platforms and programs
  • Ability to meet the deadline
  • Collaborates well with the whole editorial staff
  • Keep up to date information
  • Great communication skills both verbal and written
  • Ability for teamwork
  • Time management

Career Experience

The Green Valley Media, Journalist

June 2019 – current

  • Protected the source confidentiality at the whole costs
  • Followed the story even there is a potential for dangerous
  • Wrote the exposes of award-winning
  • Conducted research into the different files of the court
  • Reported on a variety of news-topics


The University of North London, UK

Bachelor’s Degree of Journalism



  • The best young journalist of Manchester, 2012
  • The talented journalist, 2011

How to Make a Professional Journalist Resume?

Besides knowing the sample of the journalist’s resume, it is better to know some steps in writing it. The steps, of course, will ease your job to write a professional journalist resume in joining the recruitment process.

Some steps to be known in writing a good resume are:

  • Apply a formal and appropriate format of a professional resume
  • Include the contact information, especially name, and other relevant information
  • Write an eye-catching professional resume headline
  • Add the professional personal summary
  • List the employment experience
  • Write some relevant skills
  • Add the detailed education and certification

What are the important skills that a professional journalist needs to have?

A professional journalist needs to have some common skills to show their capabilities. The skills that a journalist need to have are:

  • Best communication skills both verbal and written
  • Management skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Computer skills
  • Active listening
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving

Is it important to use a certain design in writing a professional resume for the journalist?

To make a professional journalist resume, choosing a certain design is important. The design will show your level of professionalism in writing a resume. It means a resume with a certain design is more interesting.

On another hand, the design also will increase the readability of a resume. It means the recruiter will be easier to read the whole information inside a resume. With this detail, maybe a chance to be a new journalist will be bigger.

What are the common mistakes that happen when writing a resume?

  • Bad grammar
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Focusing on the detailed duties rather than the whole achievements
  • Using clichés
  • Providing incorrect information
  • Poor resume format
  • Failure to get the attention of the recruiter
  • A too-long resume

Kinds of Professional Journalist Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional journalist’s resume, you also could use a template. Well, a template is very interesting to help you since it offers a clear arrangement of information to be followed. By using a template, you just need to follow the structure and personalize the information.

Freelance Journalist Resume Template

For those who look for flexibility in working, becoming a freelance journalist is a good option. However, to get this position, you need to follow the whole recruitment process. Use this template to ease you in providing your personal information.

Sports Journalist Resume Template

Do you like some sports and want to be a professional journalist in that field? This template is the true helper for you. By using this template, of course, writing a professional resume will be easier to be done. You could cover all information by following the template structure.

Mass Media Communication Journalist Resume Template

This template is a very interesting option, especially for the fresher who wants to be a new mass media communication journalist. This template is not only free to be downloaded but also easy to be edited. Get this template and personalize the detailed information.

Student Journalist Resume Template

For the student that wants to be a freelance or part-time journalist, it is a template that will help you to start your career. By using this template, of course, writing a professional resume will be easier and you could highlight your skills and capabilities as a journalist candidate.

Professional Journalist Resume Template

For a professional journalist, finding a new job can be easier than others. However, the selection still should be applied. Here, to join the recruitment process, you may use this template as a way to ease you in highlighting the whole personal information.

Well, that is all about the journalist resume sample and some details that you need to know. Find the most appropriate sample and personalize the detailed information to get your dreamed new job.


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