9+ Personal Statement Template Format Handy Tips

Not everyone even has the slightest idea about the right personal statement format. Some people don’t even know what a personal statement is. There are certain requirements for the length, the content, and the layout. Having the format template or example can help but it would be helpful if you know how to compose the letter or what contents to include.


Understanding More about a Personal Statement

Basically, it is a type of a written essay with a short reflective format that you write to convince someone. The personal statement can be used for education or job application – but their format will be completely different. When you apply at the university for the course that you are interested in, you need to convince them of why you would be a perfect candidate. There are some definitive regulations on how to write the personal statement.

Mind you, though, that a personal statement should be different from one another despite the similar personal statement format. Let’s say that you are writing two personal statements for two different universities. Each one should be different from one another. After all, it is called a personal statement for a reason.

Some Handy Tips

When you are writing the personal statement, there are some things to consider.

  • In general, you have 47 lines, max, to write the statement, and it also includes 4,000 characters.
  • If you want to create a professional and convincing personal statement, it is best to make a draft first and then finalize it later. And then you can submit it in the most perfect condition.
  • The personal statement is crucial because it allows the admission board to see you as a whole person. Despite your grades or achievements, the personal statement will reveal who you really are – and it may be different from what the board (image of you) has in their mind. The personal statement will make you look different from the others. The purpose of all personal statement is the same (whether you are applying for a college or a job), which is to make the admission to see you in person – or straight offering you a place.

How the Templates Help

So, how does the personal statement format help you with this application process?

  • First of all, the template gives you ideas of how to construct and compose the writing. The layout can be confusing sometimes, and the template can give you a clear idea
  • As it was mentioned before, the personal statement is divided into two type: the one for education and the one for job application. Having your own collections of templates can help you determine which template to use
  • You don’t have to start everything from a scratch. In most cases, most templates can be easily downloaded or printed or saved (digitally, of course). You can download one, make some changes to the contents, and then have your own way.

In the end, the personal statement can be a huge help if you want to look professional and polished. Having the personal statement format can definitely help.

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