A Useful Guidance for Writing Internship Cover Letter (with Sample)

Being an intern can get exhausting at times but it is a normal process that every employee has to go through in the beginning. As hard as it can be, many people are still struggling to get to the internship. They have to follow the steps from sending a cover letter to finally get accepted and become the regular employee. To make sure that you can be accepted as an intern, a proper, concise, and professional cover letter has to be sent. In this article, you will read the tips in writing an internship cover letter along with the sample as your reference.

Tips in Sending an Internship Cover Letter

Whether someone is inexperienced or has a long list to write in the resume, the first thing s/he needs to do is sending as many internship cover letters as possible. Make sure the internship being applied is in line with the desired field, so send a lot but still with consideration. Avoid making the same template for all the cover letter, each company usually has a different format to follow so write based on the template and customize the cover letter for each position being applied. It is done because each position usually has different skills required. Also, give the impression that you are really looking forward to the chance of being interviewed.

Sample of Internship Cover Letter

After knowing about the tips in writing an internship cover letter, you can read the sample below to give a clear idea of how it is written.

Dear Mrs. Swift,

I have read on the company website that Swift Communications are opening the internship this summer and I am interested in applying for an internship based on the experience and skill that I have.

I earned the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from XYZ University majoring in Business Administration with a GPA of 3.96. Business has always been my passion since I was a teenager and I feel I can be a good fit for the internship in your company. During my previous work experience, I was assigned to develop the company’s business objectives to achieve prosperity. Aside, I was designing and implementing the business plan that was created with the team to achieve the company’s goal. It improves the company situation and growth. From this experience, I have proven my role in the company and I am capable to do the same or even better for Swift Communications.

I have excellent skills in Ms. Office and information systems which can beneficial for the company. I am dedicated to my work as I always meet the deadline given by the company in my previous work. Also, I have a good understanding of analyzing business strategy and processes.

With my experience and skill, I believe I can be the right fit for the internship position at Swift Communications. I look forward to the interview and I can be contacted at 666-999-888. Thank you.


Mark Zayn

The internship cover letter above highlights the abilities of Mark and it shows his excitement for getting called in the interview. Hope this article helps you.


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