Voluntary Resignation Letter from Employer and its example 

If you are a manager or employer, the hiring of firing is your aspect to manage the employees. Moreover, if you want to fire the employees or voluntarily, you need to arrange a voluntary resignation letter from the employer. They will leave the job due to some reason suitable for their needs.


What should I do to write a voluntary resignation letter from an employer?

Although you are usually the one in charge of hiring and firing, you also need to decide to voluntarily resign from your job as a manager. This voluntary resignation letter from the employer idea will be important to write because it is a professional courteous way to confirm your resignation from the company.

How to create a voluntary resignation letter from an employer

When you want to arrange this voluntary resignation letter from the employer template, you need to consider the process of writing. This idea will influence the result of your letter. Here is some process to follow:

  • To make a good letter, you need to address your superior or the manager of the Human Resources department
  • You also have to keep your letter short and sweet with some fact included
  • To make it better, you can feel free to make a recommendation for someone to take over your position in the company

Tips to make a voluntary resignation letter from employer

Besides, you also will need some tips to make a voluntary resignation letter from the employer format interesting to read. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You need to discuss the next step required to make a good transition in a smooth one
  • You also have to apply the business letter format to make it easy to read
  • You can express the understanding by providing some assistance to the employees

The example of a voluntary resignation letter from an employer

To facilitate your writing this letter, you can read the voluntary resignation letter from the employer example. The example can be used as your reference to make a proper letter without any difficulties.

This is an example:

Dear Mr. Downy,

I am writing this letter to confirm my impending resignation from my position as manager of Express Delivery. As you know, I decided to voluntarily step down from the position. My last day will be January 12, 2016 so it is my official two weeks’ notice. I am happy about your patience and cooperation with me during this time. 

During my last two weeks at the office, I will strive to minimize any inconvenience caused to you by my resignation. You probably know that I also have a plan to train the assistant manager to take over my duties. I will be happy to open further dialogue with you because of this matter. If you are interested, please call me at your convenience via phone at 666-999-7777. 

Express Delivery has an unforgettable part of my life. I am also happy for the outstanding experience I can earn at this job and will miss the people there. I hope Express Daily continues the success and know that you will understand. 

Yours respectfully,


Michael James

Michael J. James


Express Delivery 

Your voluntary resignation letter from your employer will be great if you write some ideas of the reason why you leave. This letter will be better if you can give some facts to ensure the readers properly.



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