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Why do you have to use the Cornell notes template?

Have you ever confused when taking a note? Well, taking a note might be difficult for some people. Therefore, we recommend you to take note by having cornell notes template. Cornell note is a way to take a note that was found by Walter Pauk in 1940. This kind of template helps you to make a note in a systematic and organized way. It is recommended for students to use this template.

Taking note in notes template

As we mentioned earlier, Cornell notes template is very useful for students. The most common way that students usually use when taking a note is by using a two-column format. Thus, the student has to divide the paper into two, the left side and the right side. The left side should be smaller than the right size. For you who want to learn more in making the template, read this article below.

1. Creating the format

Before starting in taking a note using the template for Cornell notes, you have to understand the format. You need to write the name, class, period, date, topic and also the standard or objective in the heading section. After writing that information, you can start to listen and take notes on the format that you have given.

2. Organizing the notes

We have said before that usually, you divide the paper into two sides, the left side and right side. You have to take the notes into the right side and organize it well. Do not forget to paraphrase the sentence that you hear or read in the text. You can also try to use pen colours to highlight an important part of your notes.

3. Reviewing and revising

The next step in taking notes is by reviewing and revising the notes that you have taken. While doing this step, you have to try to separate the main idea and the supporting details of your notes. It will make your understanding easier while trying to read your notes again.

4. Creating questions

Note-taking by using Cornell notes also helps you in brainstorming the ideas to be questioned. You only need to note the key ideas and create the questions from it. It is easy and simple to do and follow.

It is easy to do the note-taking by using Cornell notes template, moreover while you have familiarised yourself with it. Not only used by students, this template is also useful for everyone who wants to give a summary of everything they are currently reading or learning.

Cornell notes Design Ideas

Cornell notes Ideas

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