10+ Engineer Curriculum Vitae Template


Engineer Curriculum Vitae Template for Any Job Seeker

If you are applying for a research or academic role in engineering, the recruiter may require you to submit curriculum vitae (CV) instead of a resume. A CV helps a hiring employer get a closer look at your education, experience, etc. Now, let’s see the following engineer curriculum vitae template!

Sample of Engineer Curriculum Vitae

Below is an engineer curriculum vitae sample to give you ideas for what to put in your own CV:

Jeam Glimme

321 River Road, Austin, TX 55292



I’m an experienced automation engineer with 5 years of experience in the automotive industry. I have wide experience in designing & installing automation infrastructure. I also have advanced collaboration, problem-solving, and analytical skills.


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

December 2015

Texas University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

April 2013

Texas University

Pursuing 6 Sigma Black Belt Certification

Professional Experience

Automation Engineer, 2018 – present

Adams Automotive, Dallas, TX

  • Interfaces with other departments about manufacturing & testing prototype equipment objectives
  • Provides strategic mentoring & guidance to junior engineers
  • Designs, modifies, and develops plant software & tools, as well as caries them through field testing

Junior Automation Engineer, 2016 – 2018

JMC Manufacturing, Austin, TX

  • Identified cases of tests to support new feature developments
  • Managed as well as responded to system & development requests
  • Collaborated with developers in the automated testing script development

Awards & Honors

  • Won the Corporate Gold Award, 2020
  • Earned Operational Excellence Award, 2019


  • Transaction Manager
  • SQL
  • RSLinx
  • Active Directory
  • FactoryTalk View
  • 6 Sigma Green Belt

How to Write Engineer Curriculum Vitae

Here is how to create engineer curriculum vitae step by step:

  1. First of all, you have to use proper formatting.
  2. After that, you should write your contact information details.
  3. Then, what you need to do is to write your personal profile.
  4. Next, you are required to include your education.
  5. Your work experience should also be highlighted in detail.
  6. Don’t forget to state any awards or honors!
  7. To close your resume, list your key skills that relate to the position you are applying for!

People also ask

When Do You Use Engineer Curriculum Vitae?

An engineering curriculum vitae is used when you are in a field relying on research heavily. Besides, you may also use a CV when applying for a scholarship, fellowship, or grant. If you want to provide your full work history, it is also better to use a CV instead of a resume.

What Should You Include in an Engineer Resume?

An engineer curriculum vitae template should be structured properly. It usually starts with your contact information, continued with your profile, professional qualifications, employment history, education, and honors & awards. You may also add speaking engagements, presentations, publications, etc.

How Do You List Education on an Engineer CV?

Every CV includes a few critical sections. The education section is one of them. This section lists your training & education that relate to the position you are interested in. In this section, you should leave out your high school diploma because the recruiter knows that you have a high school education.

How Can You Separate Your Engineer CV from Other Candidates’ CVs?

The key is to make yourself seem like the most ideal candidate for it. You have to stand out from other candidates. You have to include your most important attributes that meet the requirements. It is also essential to use key terms and include notable achievements.

Engineer Curriculum Vitae with No Work Experience

To be an engineer, you have to meet the required qualifications. Usually, the main requirements relate to education & skills. If you have no job experience at all, you do not need to worry. You can still create solid curriculum vitae. Just feel free to use this CV for your reference!

Engineer Curriculum Vitae Template Word

You can find a CV template for an engineer in different formats. Different formats have their own advantages & disadvantages. This CV template is available in Word so that you can easily edit it. Therefore, this editable template can be customized to fit your needs.

Engineer Curriculum Vitae for College

Education is very important for an engineer. Whether you have graduated from college or not, you can impress your potential manager through a CV. This engineer CV is appropriate for a college student who is looking for job experience.

Curriculum Vitae for Engineer First Job

Anyone who is interested in engineering can use this CV template. If you are a candidate who is looking for a first job, this CV template is what you need. In this case, your CV should focus on your education and skills. You can also include any awards & honors from your college, internships, or volunteering.

Engineer Curriculum Vitae Sample

Writing curriculum vitae is not easy. You have to make it as impressive as possible so that your potential manager will consider you as the most ideal candidate. To create an impressive CV, you can follow this sample.

Engineer Curriculum Vitae Example

This CV example has a basic format & structure. You can add any section and other elements but you have to avoid getting too messy or creative. So, it is better to follow this general order of the sections. You just need to write the information based on your own qualifications.

Free Engineer Curriculum Vitae Template

There is one best template to use. This free engineer CV template is simple so that it is easy to read. A hiring employer usually wants to read through your CV quickly & not hunt to find the information he/she wants. Anyway, this free template will make creating a CV effortless with simple & easy steps.

If you are inspired by the engineer curriculum vitae template and tips above, you should practice writing your own CV now. Then, you can use it to apply for an engineering job at your desired company. Hopefully, this helps you a lot.

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