Applying for a Job with Medical Representative Cover Letter

A person who is called as medical representative is a person who endorse and sell the pharmaceutical medications and/or medical equipment. Their target customer typically varies from doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and hospital. Their main duties isimproving the product awareness, responding the queries, deliver advice, and introduce a new product from their employer. You may become the part of them by submitting medical representative cover letter to the employer that post the openings.

Main Skills Required for Medical Representative

To be the medical representative, there are several required skills that are to be met by the candidates. Below are the required main skills to be possessed by the candidates.

Responsibilities of Medical Representative

As a medical representative, you may have several responsibilities regarding to selling medical medications and medical equipment. Below are the duties for being a medical representative before you write your medical representative cover letter.

  • Selling the employer’s drugs to the doctors, nurses, hospitals, and another healthcare professional
  • Promoting company’s product to the physicians, nurses, hospitals, and other healthcare professional
  • Building and keeping good rapport and relationship with the customers.
  • Following up the leads from the company
  • Keeping up-to-date to recent developments in the medical area to do research about marketing strategies.

Writing Proper Medical Representative Cover Letter

After considering the aforementioned skills and responsibilities of a medical representative, you may begin to write your cover letter. Below is the example of proper cover letter to apply for medical representative job.

Dear Mr. Friedrich Glasgow

I am writing to state my interest to the position of medical representative in FGH company, the company that is run by you.

I trust that my experience of working as the sales representative for over 3 years would be a great asset to the company. Throughout the career of mine, I have studied to provide exquisite customer service, great interpersonal skills, and the ability to persuade customer to purchase the product in order to meet the target defined by the company.

I acquired my degree in business and economy science with satisfying grade. I am able to endorse the product of a company to medical field professionals such as physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Therefore, I believe that I am the perfect fit fir the openings in your company.

I would be very appreciating an opportunity to further deliberate about company hopes with me.

I am fully aware of that medical representative is a mix between healthcare field and the pharmaceutical company. It is an essential position that requires very best and demanding person. Therefore, with my qualifications and skills, I believe that I am the perfect fit for the vacancy you put. Please do not hesitate to reach me by phone at (555)5555555 or send me a word via my email at I am very pleased to answer your enquiries soon about the job.



Leon Dalton

That is all about applying for a job as a medical representative using medical representative cover letter. Consider the responsibilities and the required skills carefully in advance to put your best word within your application letter.



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