5+ Excel Project Management Tracking Template


Excel Project Management Tracking Template Sample Helps You To Work Strictly


When you are working under management and team, having a good plan for the project is preferable. You can be more managed and know the progress of the project itself.

So, what should be done for the first? You need an excel project management tracking template sample. It will help you with the project needs and track it well.


What is it, an Excel Project Management Tracking Template Sample?

It’s essential to know what the project management before making this excel project management tracking template sample. Project management is a structured management project that is under the project management professional, which plans the entire needs of the project as well as the reports and documentation for each stage.

Type of Example Excel Project Management Tracking Template

Create reports and other documentation, and the Excel program is helpful since it has a powerful spreadsheet with its tools for project management. What kinds of trackings templates should a project have?

  1. Excel project management tracking template sample of Risks

The risk management is quite essential in running a project, especially if the project is a formal one. To have this kind of template, you need to know the types of risks that may come with the project. The risks should be listed in detail even though the possibility of some risks happen quite low.

In this tracking template, you can work with the Excel program and put down in the columns for listing the description of risks, the impact that may influence the project, the risk response, risk level, risk owner which tells you who could get the chance during the work, and note.


2. Issue Tracking

This template deals with the what, when, who, and how the items are addressed appropriately by the employees. This template will help you to assess the correct persons who have the ability and capability in doing the jobs


The columns of this template contain issue number, status, issue description, category, priority, assigned to, raised by, open, which is about the starting date, close, which is about finishing date, and comment.


  1. Project Budget Tracking

Budgeting is an essential item in running a project. This template deals with anything about the time and cost that relates to what is called ‘resource.’ The resource can be persons, equipment, room rental, or client.


Besides those templates, there are many more to work with the excel project management tracking template sample. The templates will help you to run the project quickly.




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