4+ Lock Out Tag Out Procedures Template


Here’s How to Create Lock Out Tag Out Procedures Template Sample


The procedure for using industrial equipment in companies is very important to know in order to avoid violence at work. This lock out tag out procedures template sample will be helpful to give an overview of the industrial equipment that the operators need to know. Get to know more about this template here.

The Difference between Lock out Tag out Procedures Template Sample

The lockout and tag out have a fundamental difference that you need to know. Lockout is the placement of energy isolation devices in the equipment so that the device cannot be operated. While tag out is to place a label on the stuff, that is to indicate that it controlled.

If a piece of equipment is tagged, it means that the employees cannot operate it until the tag removed. The issues of the lockout and tag out need to have the procedures. And you can get it from the lock out tag out procedures template sample.

1. Follow the standard of lock out tag out procedures template sample

When issuing the template, it means that your company will run a program of the Lock-Out Tag Out Procedures. There is step by step checklist to do the procedures that should be in the template. By following the standard, the employees can use the model for doing the processes of Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO).

2. The Procedures of LOTO

Based on OSHA, there are eight steps to conduct the LOTO. They are:

  • Inform the detailed procedures of the equipment in the template
  • The employees that may be affected if the program should be notified
  • When there is a piece of material need to be about, you have to shut it down properly
  • Make sure that the machine disconnected from the energy sources
  • The secondary sources that may be still connected to the shutdown equipment need to be cleared up
  • After you do all the steps, you need to verify that the lockout is successful
  • Ensure that the program of lockout tag out is known by the employees so that the shift changes’ employees can be aware of the equipment
  • If the application has been made, the tools and materials used in doing lockout tag out have to b removed. Because the machine can be used as usual in operation.


Those are you need to be aware of creating the lock out tag out procedures template sample. Keep the procedure up to date.




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