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Wedding Seating Chart Template To Safe Your Day


wedding seating chart template is a chart to arrange the guests’ seating on the wedding day. A seating chart looks trivial but can end up messy if it to organize appropriately. Without the wedding seating chart, the guests will be confused and sit as they like, so the room becomes not conducive. Although it looks easy, the preparation of seating charts is quite troublesome. It is because a seating chart can only make after a guest confirms it, whereas not all guests will immediately confirm. There are several possibilities for guests to send a confirmation approaching the wedding day, so the wedding seating chart must be renewed repeatedly with increasingly tight deadlines. For that, you can use the wedding seating chart template to facilitate seating arrangements in an instant.

Type Of Wedding Seating Chart Template

Wedding seating charts usually installed at the entrance that previously distributed to guests who confirm arrival. The wedding seating chart shows how serious the bride and groom are welcoming their guests and makes sure everyone feels happy. There are several types of wedding seating chart templates that are available for free on the internet :

  1. Name List

The standard form of a wedding seating chart is the visitor’s name list. Usually, the list of visitors’ names makes one substantial paper. You can arrange it using the default template or arrange the table according to its original location.

  1. Rectangle Table Seating Chart

You can use a wedding seating chart in the form of a rectangle table. Of course, this chart is adjusted to the decoration, the number of tables and the number of chairs. Usually, because it is in the form of a rectangle, the number of chairs is even. You must determine who the guests will be sitting face to face and side by side at one table.

  1. Round Table Wedding Seating Chart

In addition to the rectangle shape, there are also circular wedding seating charts. The number of chairs in one table can be adjusted according to the number of guests so that it can be an odd or even number.


How To Make Wedding Seating Chart Template?

Wedding seating charts are useful at weddings except for the concept of standing parties. Although it looks easy, the wedding seating chart is quite essential for a smooth wedding day. Some things to consider when making a wedding seating chart:

  1. Design Table

You must specify the type of square, rectangular, or circle table. The determination of the kind of table determines how you entertain and make guests comfortable with their tablemates.

  1. Table Position Selection for Parents and Relatives

Of course, the bride’s parents must be closest to the couple. Also included are relatives of both family and friends who have invited them.

  1. Choosing a Table Position for Your Friends

Positioning the table is essential so that all guests can chat with other tables comfortably. Of course, you have to separate the table for friends from both the bridegroom and the woman.

  1. Prepare a Special Table for Children

If you have children at your wedding, separate individual tables to disturb the event and other guests.


Wedding Seating Chart Design Ideas

Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

After compiling the wedding seating chart template, to make it tidier, you can also put the guest’s name on the chair so that the seating arrangement is entirely correct. Or let them choose which chairs at one table.





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