9+ Simple Resignation Letter Template to Show Courteous Action

A simple resignation letter can help you with positive memory, good name, and graceful way of leaving your job. Just because you are quitting, it doesn’t always mean that you should leave a bad image with the previous company or employer – no matter how bad they have treated you. Don’t go with ‘an eye for an eye’ thing because you’ll never know what’s going to happen in the future. Who knows? Maybe you decide to go back to working in the old place. Or you will need a reference letter from your ex employer. If you have bad beef with them, say goodbye to those things because it is likely that they will reject you.

The Basic Principle of a Resignation Letter

What’s the function of a resignation letter, anyway? Well, it is basically a written notice about your leaving with the information about the last day of work and when it will be effective. Here are some facts about the simple resignation letter:

  • This letter isn’t an explanation or a confession letter. You don’t owe anyone an apology or even an explanation about your leaving.
  • Even if you don’t state your gratitude for the working and professional opportunity in the company, it would be polite and courteous if you can do such a thing. Again, you want to leave the job in the most elegant manner so being thankful for the opportunity of working there is considered a good manner.
  • Quitters aren’t associated with negative image – it is their attitude that is often getting the negative review. When you quit your job but you do it in the most courteous and polite way, you won’t have to worry about a thing. There’s no hurt feeling. However, things would be different if you create a drama related to your quitting. This what usually creates bad beef and negative reputation.
  • A letter can determine whether you can have a positive and bright future in the industry or deal with the bleak possibility. When you have a bad beef with someone, especially your former employer, it is likely that it will stay. And if your former employer decides to spread your negative reputation over the social media, what can you do? Nothing, right?
  • A two week time period is the standard time limit to submit your letter unless your company has its own policy. Some companies may set a month period or even three weeks period. Read the company’s policy. If you can’t find such a thing, then the two weeks notice should do it.

The Important Element

When you are composing a simple resignation letter, there are some important elements to consider:

  • Don’t forget to include the needed structures and components, such as greetings, contact information, and closing signature
  • The body of the letter mainly consists of these things:
  • Your notification or statement about you leaving the job
  • The last date for you to remain in the company
  • The gratitude for the opportunity for working there
  • The offer to help with the transition

In the end, you can always see the example of a resignation letter to write a proper letter. Who says composing a simple resignation letter is difficult?

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