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When running business, you are bound to make business letters eventually. The professionally designed one must be able to make great first impression. What are you going to do to make one? To make such impression, we need letterhead template to fit with your business logo. What to do?

Fortunately, there are readymade templates to help you. Even so, it shouldn’t go without being carefully chosen. There are actually many things that should be taken into consideration. Let’s get down to it in this opportunity below.

#1 – Color Scheme of the Template

First, we would like you to care for the template design’s color scheme. Why? It is because the color is the one that will catch people’s eyes and attention first than anything. Letterhead design color shouldn’t be too dull looking. But, when it comes to it, the more colors used, the costlier it will get.

So, make your choice of colors in accordance with the budget you have. You don’t need to force yourself into it if you can’t afford for more. Consult with the printer and let them know how much you have for the needs to get it done.

#2 – Font Style of Letterhead’s Text

Next, here comes the font style. What matters about it would be its readability, of course. You don’t need to use fancy style just to make your template design look amazing. Who knows it is not readable at all for some people? So, let’s not risk that and just use easy to read ones in this chance.

What use of making letterhead if it can’t convey the message at all. What worse is it will be considered unprofessional. That goes how impactful letterhead font style is. So, let’s not take this matter lightly and consider it more.

#3 – Paper Stock for the Print Outs

Before you print out your letterhead design, you better give your choice of paper consideration. Depending on the paper, the color it has might make difference. Bond paper for example, helps make logo and contact info look stand out. After all, letterhead is meant to show both to the reader.

Also, bond paper is heavy, giving it a sense of importance, formality, and professionalism. Professional letterhead should be printed out in such manner to be well perceived by whomever the reader. So, get this one prepared.

#4 – Other Elements for Printing

There are still many other elements to think about when it comes to printing. Just as it is important to care about the paper style, it is necessary to consider about the ink style too. You don’t want it to come out the worst, right? So, you will need to think things through for the better of the letterhead.

If it is quality printing you want, you need to be willing to spend more money on it. It is worth spending though. After all, letterhead template determines whether or not you can attract business partners and customers or not.

Letterhead Template Design Ideas

Letterhead Template Ideas

Letterhead Template Example

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