5+ Amazon Shipping Label Template


Amazon Shipping Label Template and How to Make It

If you sell products on Amazon, you will need to ship your products because your customers come from different countries. So, you have to make a shipping label. If you have never created it before, you can use the following Amazon shipping label template for your reference.

Amazon Shipping Label Template Samples

A collection of PSD Amazon shipping label sample templates can be found in this article. One of the sample templates is a packaging shipping label format. Besides that, there is also a cruise ship label template. The next sample template is a barcode label shipping vector.

For the next sample, you can find a sail ship label. A large shipping label also belongs to one of the sample templates available here. An oceanic label & shipping label format is the next sample template. A template for a sheet shipping label is also available in this article.

Amazon Shipping Label Template Designs

This article contains various PSD Amazon shipping label template designs. One of the best designs is a classic gold red black shipping label. Besides that, there is also a shipping label decal design. A vintage book label shipping also looks awesome and you can find it here.

For the next impressive design, there is a black & gold format shipping label. And there are still many other design ideas. All of the templates available in this article have creative designs and formats. So, they will really inspire and help you.

How to Make an Amazon Shipping Label

There are a few steps on how to create a PSD Amazon shipping label template. You can start including the needed information in your desired format. Some of the information details to be included are such as weight, volume, condition, etc. You can also add the shipping date, time, and many more.

Usually, a shipping label also comes with a barcode. It eases your customers to find important information related to the products purchased or shipped. The size of the shipping label can be different from one to another. Anyway, you have to keep it simple and understandable.

Creating a Shipping Label Template

To create an Amazon shipping label template PSD, you will have to click “Create Label” first. It is based on your order. After that, you will need to enter the size & weight of your package. Then, what you should do is to select Shipping Rates.

Here, you must compare rates across shipping carriers. Then, you should click “Buy Label”. After you get your label, now you can click “Download Label” simply. To print it, just go to “File” and choose “Print”. Creating a shipping label may take a few minutes. But you still need to fulfill some important details.

If you feel frustrated to create a shipping label, you do not need to worry. In this article, we have an editable Amazon shipping label template that comes with different designs. You are allowed to pick your preferred template and edit it using Adobe Photoshop to fit your needs.

Download Template

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