10+ Book Report Template, Writing  the Right Format

Not all students are familiar with the proper way of writing a book report, so having the book report template can be useful and helpful. You should know that the template isn’t meant to write you the report – it basically acts as a guide so you can write the report correctly and properly.

The Book Report Template

Not all students are familiar with the book report template so having a source that can provide a guidance can be super useful. However, some teachers may provide their own format and they give it to their students. If this is the case, then you should use the format provided by your teacher. If the teacher doesn’t give you any of the format then you can seek elsewhere and find the basic template for your own needs. If your teacher doesn’t say anything, you can find a template or a format and then show it to your teacher. If your teacher approves, then you can continue.

How to Compose the Letters

When you see the example of the book report template, there are some elements that you should consider:

  • Introductory paragraph. This alone should consist of:
  • The first sentence provides the information for which class and instructor is being written
  • The second sentence includes the book title and the author’s name.
  • The third sentence is about how many pages of the book, including the publisher.
  • The fourth sentence contains the book’s bibliographic info. It means that it should contain the year of production, the publishing company, the year of publication, the book’s edition, and whether the book is translated or not.
  • The next one should provide the info why you choose and read the book. Do you like him/her? Is someone recommending the book to you? Do you like the genre?
  • The reasons don’t have to be complex or complicated, but it should provide information about the book.
  • Main character paragraph. The first sentence should provide the information of the main characters and their importance to the book. To describe them, you may need more than one sentence, and you may have to write them in complex sentences format.
  • Other characters paragraph. There should be one sentence for each other important characters. State their names and also their key roles within the book. In general, there should be around 5 to 6 other important characters besides the main ones. If you want to simplify everything, you should write them all in a list and then state each of their role. It will be super helpful (for you) to make paragraphs easier.
  • Plot summary paragraph. You should include this info:
  • The book genre
  • The country or place of the setting
  • The time period of the setting
  • Other crucial locations, such as houses, planes, buildings, etc
  • Other important attributes to the book – is it fast paced, scary, violent, etc
  • What does the main character try to do
  • What is the book’s outcome?
  • Personal opinion and conclusion paragraph. It is about your opinion, whether you like it not. Don’t forget to include two sentences about the good points and also weak points of the book. You can also write about the moral of the story or what you have learned from the book. That’s the basic aspects of the book report template.

Download Template

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