3+ Friendly Letter Format Template for Casual Conversation

The friendly letter format isn’t as rigid as the format for all kinds of letters or written documentation. In fact, this kind of friendly letter is more casual and flexible when compared to other letters – provided that you can easily tweak the contents and there is only small consideration about the structure. If you know the basic contents and arrangements, then you should be good to go.


What Is a Friendly Letter?

Also known as the personal letter, this is the casual type of letter written between friends. In some cases, you can also exchange letters with people who are friendly toward you, but they are not necessarily your friends. The idea to have such a letter is pretty common when you want to share stories, exchange news, and even talk about gossips.

The Things Usually Discussed in the Letter

In this kind of friendly letter, what stuff can you discuss?

  • You can share your funny experience
  • You can congratulate your friends on a certain achievement or accomplishment
  • You can ask some questions, especially if it is a new friend
  • You can share your recent experience, whether the recent holiday trip, a school project, and such thing alike
  • You can ask for advice

How to Compose a Friendly Letter

Although such a friendly letter doesn’t have a rigid structure or format, there are some elements that should be included within the letter. If you check the general and standard friendly letter format, you will see these elements:

  • It usually includes the date and address. But if the letter is completely informal and casual, the date alone is okay – you don’t have to write the address
  • The Salutation and the greeting will be the ‘polite’ part showing your respect to the recipient. Dear [name] or Hi is pretty general. If you choose Dear [name] format, don’t forget to include comma after the name. If you choose Hi, it can be followed by a comma or an exclamation mark.
  • Don’t forget to skip a line after the greeting and you can start writing the contents. The body consists of several paragraphs so don’t forget to indent each paragraph.
  • Just like the greeting, you need to close the letter properly. You can choose such a thing like Sincerely or Sincerely Yours or Love. But remember to use the latter one if you are completely familiar with the recipient – and he/she is your loved one.
  • Don’t forget to sign your name after the closing. If you are using a digital signature, make sure to skip several lines (for te signature spot) and then print your name underneath.

In some letters, you may include a Postscript, which is usually shortened into a P.S. This contains an extra message – generally a short one. In some cases, it is possible to use the P.S. as a reminder. In a rather ‘formal’ letter, the P.S. is usually closed with your initial, but if you don’t do it, it isn’t a problem at all. As you can see, the friendly letter format isn’t as difficult as you think.

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