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Graphic Designer Resume Template for Job Application

Today, a graphic designer becomes one of the high-prospect jobs to be gotten. A graphic designer can have a good position on advertisement, publication, newsletter, and others. However, to get their interesting job, the candidate needs to make a good resume first. That is why knowing about the graphic designer resume template is essential.

A resume for a job application can be said as an important and influenced document. The sheets of papers will be the first consideration by the recruiter to value whether a candidate could be accepted or not. Besides, a resume can be a good medium to show the capabilities of the candidate.

Here, we will talk about some matters of the resume template for a graphic designer. For those who want to make this document, you could find some important points below.

Sample of Graphic Designer Resume

To make a good graphic designer resume, you need to know what to be written inside it and how to arrange the detailed information. Through this sample, you could see both of them. Of course, this sample can be a source of inspiration and reference when you want to make it.

David Cornell

Ohio, USA | (555) 616-9866 | cornell.david@email.com


A senior graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience managing kinds of quarter-million dollars’ design budgets from different customers. Specializes in strategic art direction and branding, web-ready digital content, and video graphic or motion.


Ohio State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting

June 1998 – May 2002


Green Tech

Senior Graphic Designer

July 2019 – current

  • Oversaw the completed rebranding for 50+ clients
  • Managing budgets of up to $500,000
  • Guide the creation and execute detailed marketing materials
  • Balance the overall strategy for the company
  • Deliver some presentations per month for clients and stakeholders especially about the design strategy
  • Develop comprehensive company style UI toolkits and guide

Reddish Clear Water

Graphic Designer

June 2015 – July 2019

  • Collaborated with the 10-person graphic design team to create kinds of large-scale projects for more than 500 clients
  • Designed and delivered the kinds of digital contents using CSS and HTML
  • Implemented and drove the testing process, especially for the web content to increase the lead generation
  • Created and animated kinds of 3D motion graphics for commercials

Trade Lot

Graphic Designer

January 2013 – June 2015

  • Revamped various ads for local business
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Improve revenue
  • Created logo prototype
  • Established successful internship program of graphic design
  • Mentor teams of graphic designer


  • Motion animation
  • CSS, HTML, and WordPress
  • Video editing
  • Photography
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)

How to Make a Graphic Designer Resume?

To make a good graphic designer resume, of course, there are some matters to be known. The ways to make a resume for the graphic designer will influence the result that you will get.

Some ways to be applied in writing a good resume for the graphic designer are:

  • Write the personal information
  • Write a resume objective
  • Mention the detailed education
  • Put graphic design skills inside the resume
  • Add portfolio section inside the document
  • Include certification, awards, and honor that you have
  • Write a cover letter

People also ask

Should a graphic designer resume be designed?

Substantively, you could apply the traditional arrangement and look of the resume for the graphic designer. It means you could use a simple design of it. However, applying a modern design for the resume is better. A better design will increase the readability of the resume and it will ease the recruiter to know the whole information.

What are the top skills that the candidate should have?

Skills will be the main point to be considered by the recruiter. Here, a candidate at least needs to have some top skills to interest the recruiter, as:

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Strong work ethic and professionalism
  • Communication skills both verbal and written
  • Leadership

What things to be avoided in writing a graphic designer resume?

There are some matters to be avoided in writing a professional graphic designer’s resume template. Since it is a formal document, of course, you cannot use an inappropriate format to write a good resume. Besides, please avoid using any ambiguous words there.

On another hand, a resume should consist of important information. That is why you do not need to write a too-long resume. Just try to be concise and simple.

Kinds of Graphic Designer Resume Template

There are some ideas of the nice graphic designer resume templates that can be your helper. Using a template can be a good idea, especially when you want to follow the basic shape of the resume.

Creative Graphic Designer Resume Template

Since a graphic designer resume will be a consideration by the recruiter, creating a creative resume is an interesting matter to be done. This template will help you to make a creative resume that will interest the recruiter.

Computer Graphic Designer Resume Template

When you want to be a computer graphic designer, this template can be a guide for you. This template is versatile and can be applied by everyone. You just need to know the arrangement of the information and personalize it.

Specialist Graphic Designer Resume Template

Becoming a specialist graphic designer is a great achievement for an individual. However, to be a specialist, a graphic designer needs to follow the recruitment process. This template can help you to make a perfect early personal document to enlarge the chance of being recruited.

No Experience Graphic Designer Resume Template

This template is a versatile option, especially for fresh graduates. When you have no experience as a graphic designer but want to get your first job, you could follow the shape of this template. Well, this sample will help you to show your potential.

Professional Graphic Designer Resume Template

The professional graphic designer’s resume is an important document to get a higher position. The detailed appearance of the template shows how professional this document is as a way to build personal value.

Well, that is all about the graphic designer resume template and its sample to be known. You could consider the best template and arrange detailed information to get a better position as you want.

Graphic Designer Resume Sample


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