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Creating a Media Kit Template Through Online Site


Media kits are a source of information about general reviews and relevant information about companies, services, products, or events. The function of the media kit itself is to attract the attention of journalists to write articles or attract the attention of clients in terms of cooperation. Information in the media kit includes bio about you and blogs, contact info, graphics, statistics about subscribers and social media followers or more, previous work, ideas about collaborating, and then testimonials. To make an attractive and professional media kit, you need a suitable media kit template. Along with the development of technology and IT, many online sites that provide different design templates. This article will explain several ways to make your own media kit using Canva and Adobe Spark.

Media Kit Templates Through Online Site

  1. The steps to make a media kit using Canva include:
  2. Make sure before you start, you are already registered with the Canva Application or already have an account. If not, then you must register first by selecting the registration menu
  3. After signing in using your account, please open it and select the media kit templatein the available design template library. Generally, there are two types, namely free and premium or paid design templates. Choose and use a model according to your needs and company image; don’t overdo it and stand out.
  4. Edit the template design according to the information you want to provide. You can choose the tab “Upload” to add a photo or company logo. To change the size, you need to pull one corner. In addition to photos and logos, you can also edit and add text, color palettes, or other visual elements.
  5. The final stage is saving and sharing.
  6. The steps to make a media kit using Adobe Spark include:
  7. Through Adobe Spark Page, you offered a simple and completely free media kit templateto adjust to your needs and corporate image.
  8. Decide on an attractive and practical title to give a positive impression and image to the customer. Don’t worry; the created text can replace at any time before downloading.
  9. Select the theme on the “Themes” tab available at the top of the page. Edit and design the media kit as needed. Color adjustments can make with available adjustment options.
  10. Add photos or logos through the “Photos” option to display an attractive and professional impression. You can also choose images through “Creative Commons.”
  11. Add text containing information about your brand or event description with the “Text” option on the main menu. You can use adjustment options such as Opacity, Space, Color, and even Text Size so that the media kit is more effective and attractive.
  12. After completing the template design that was created and satisfied, you can save and share it through social media accounts or marketing channels.

Online media kit templates are available in many designs and types. The thing to note is that the user is following the needs to provide a positive image and an attractive first impression. And don’t forget to check whether the design is free or paid. It may be useful!.


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