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Free Editable Customer Service Resume Template

Are you interested in a customer service job position? If so, you have to write a convincing resume. Here, you need to emphasize your soft skills. However, it is not that simple. There are still other sections to be included. To know how to structure it properly, let’s see this customer service resume template!

Sample of Customer Service Resume Template

Before we discuss it further, we provide you a customer service resume sample first below:

John Dan

111 Main Street, Albany, NY 55292



Customer Service Specialist

Helping customers with service packages, purchasing store protection plans, and returns.

Customer service specialist with 6 years of experience helping customers, answering phone inquiries, following up with the orders’ status, and scheduling in-home services via online interface.

Key Skills

  • Helping high-end clientele
  • Proficient with Cash Register Operations
  • Team building and leadership
  • Helping with conflict resolution
  • Rewriting customer-service manual
  • Helping with new-employee training

Professional Experience

ABC Group, Saratoga Springs, NY

Customer Service Specialist (March 2018 – present)

Help customers with service plans, store protection plans, purchasing, and returns; assist with dispute resolution, answer phone inquiries, and schedule in-home services via the online interface of the company.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Assisted train 20 new employees, including register operations, services, and in-store policies.
  • Helped rewrite customer service manual of the company, that is used companywide now.

Saratoga City Hall, Saratoga Springs, NY

Customer Service Assistant (August 2015 – February 2018)

Helped clients as they entered Saratoga City Hall & via phone; answered & resolved email inquiries.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Helped with all office administrative duties; type month City council agenda.
  • Performed filing & data-management tasks, typed & edited short office memos.

Education and Credentials

Hunter University, Saratoga Springs, NY

B.A. in English (3.85/4.0, Honor Roll Every Quarter; Minor: Business), 2015

Technology Skills

Ability to work with a few operating systems such as Mac and Windows; Excel proficient

Other Skills

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; experience maintaining an Office Budget

How to Write a Customer Service Resume

To write a customer service resume, you need to do the following step by step:

  1. First of all, find a resume template you want!
  2. Second of all, edit each section based on your own qualities!
  3. After that, add your desired sections if required!
  4. Then, proofread your resume to avoid any mistake or error!
  5. Last but not least, print or send it along with your application letter!

People also ask

What Should a Customer Service Resume Include?

The most important elements in a resume for a customer service include your contact information, experience, and education. You may also need to highlight your customer service skills. Then, you can also add optional sections such as profile or objective.

How Do You Make Your Customer Service Resume Stand Out?

To make your resume stand out from the competition, you have to emphasize your experience. Besides that, it is also very important to use the appropriate keywords. In addition, you need to match your qualifications to the job listing so that your resume reflects your ability to do the job.

Do You Need a Customer Service Resume Template?

It is very important to use a customer service resume sample template. However, your resume should be a unique document. Therefore, you cannot copy it exactly. Just highlight your own work history & strengths. You just need to use an example to get the best information to include.

What Are the Most Important Skills for a Customer Service?

To be a good customer service, you will need to have a few key skills. Besides communication skills, you should also possess interpersonal skills, positive attitude, and time-management skills. If you have any other additional skills related to customer service job, it will be better.

Customer Service Resume with No Work Experience

Customer service is a very vital position. However, you can still become a customer service even though you have no work experience. This resume will help you get this job. On your resume, you can emphasize your skills to convince your potential employer.

Customer Service Resume Template Word

This resume template is available in Word. It is designed for you who are interested in customer service position. You can easily edit it to fit your needs. So, make sure that you write each section based on your own qualifications. You also have to match your resume to the job post.

Customer Service Resume for College

This free customer service resume template is appropriate for a college student. In fact, anyone can start his/her career as a customer service before graduating from a college. If you have never written a resume for a customer service, make sure that you use this template!

Resume for Customer Service First Job

To get your first job as a customer service, you will need this resume. A resume will demonstrate your skills, education, and other qualifications required for your desired position. If you have any unpaid work experience, you can include it on your resume.

Customer Service Resume Sample

This resume sample is very useful and helpful for you who want to apply for a customer service position. With this sample, you will know how to structure a good resume.

Customer Service Resume Example

This example is about a professional resume for a customer service position. This example will inspire you how to write a resume properly. You can also use this example to write a resume for any other position.

Free Customer Service Resume Template

Services for writing a professional resume cost much money. Now, you can use this resume template. This template is completely free so that anyone is allowed to use it anytime. Therefore, if you need this template for writing a resume, just feel free to use and customize it!

Writing a resume is always challenging. Whatever the position you want to apply for, you have to write a convincing resume. This customer service resume template is very useful for you who are applying for a customer service position. Hopefully, this will help you a lot.



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