3+ Personal Letter Format Template, Writing the Right Format

Because of the modern technologies and its development, not many people are quite familiar with personal letter format. You have to admit that the digital and modern technologies have reduced the social interactions between people. Modern people have gotten used to the social media platforms – interacting with text messages, social media accounts, etc – and they aren’t familiar with the written letter and documentation. However, if you want to share personal info or news, the personal letter can be useful. But how do you come up with such a format?

The Development of Written Letters and Documents

The digital technologies have their own perks and benefits. The emails, smartphones, and computers have helped people to efficiently manage their tasks and activities. However, not many people are familiar with personal writing composition. In fact, not many people are still practicing traditional letter writing anymore because they already have video chats, social media, or message apps. In short, today people are accustomed to have a live talking and conversation with their loved ones instead of writing their feelings down.

On the contrary to what people think or believe, writing a letter doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Writing a letter can be cool and even therapeutically. Once you know about the personal letter format, you can exchange or share news and updates. Of course, the personal letter doesn’t have to follow the standard official formal documents – the personal letter has a ‘free’ structure and construction. But then again, it doesn’t mean that the personal letter doesn’t have its own standard. If you know the general and standard format, it helps you composing a fun and friendly letter.

How to Compose the Letter

It is probably your first time writing the letter, so it is only logical when you aren’t familiar with the proper personal letter format. So, how do you compose the letter?

  • The letter should be started with your address and names on the right upper area.
  • Under the name and address of the sender, you should write the recipient’s name and address. It is common to write them on the left side area. However, it is also possible to write both your sender and recipient’s names and address on the left side area. Just skip a line from the sender and recipient information
  • Write the date on the left side area, under the contact information
  • Don’t forget to write your salutation or greeting. It is a polite way to do
  • Write the contents of the letter under the greeting. It would be better to divide them in paragraphs because it will make the structure neater and easier to read. Whether you want to use indentation or not, it is up to you.
  • Close the letter with a greeting such as ‘Love’, ‘Yours’, or ‘Sincerely Yours,’. But then again, the greetings depend on your preference. After the greeting, sign the letter and include your name underneath.
  • If you forget to include an extra detail, you can include it with a Postscript or usually known as the PS.

That’s the basic personal letter format that you can start with.

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