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Simple Marketing Resume to Join New Management

Do you want to be new marketing in the new management? Well, to face the recruitment process, you need to prepare your simple marketing resume. Since marketing is an important position for the company, the recruiter will be selective to find the new employee.

Something that you need to know, a resume will be the first consideration by the recruiter. This document is very essential since it shows the basic contact information, candidate’s capabilities, relevant skills, and others.

Of course, by complete information, the recruiter could determine whether a candidate is suitable or not. Here, we will talk about some matters of a professional marketing resume that you need to know.

Sample of Simple Marketing Resume

To give you more references about a resume for marketing, here we have a simple sample to be read. The sample here will show you what to be written inside a resume and how the information is arranged.

Read the whole sample and try to know what to be included.

Katie Moore

Las Vegas, LV | (123) 991-1021 | katie.moore@email.com

Professional Summary

A high-dedicated focused, and passionate marketing executive with four years of experience carving out the new market and develop the desire for the product by sharping the team and find the best promotion strategies.


State University of Las Vegas

Sales and Marketing Communication

May 1999 – June 2003

Working Experience

The Blue Ocean Tech, Promotions Assistant

July 2019 – current

  • Studies the different information to find the different trend
  • Uses the current data to create a better analysis, especially the market prediction
  • Maintains direct communication with the different customers to keep the solid relationship and affiliate the growth
  • Conducts kinds of researches to identify the potential market share
  • Participate in the planning process involving the strategies to open the new markets

Jenkins Tech, Stats Analyst

May 2015 – June 2019

  • Scheduled the task of the marketing employees
  • Created a better system to find an efficient marketing strategy
  • Maintain the solid base information for reference
  • Evaluate the different strategies to find a better way to increase the market value
  • Research some different aspects to increase the marketing achievements


  • Data analysis
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Detailed oriented
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in hours
  • High concentration
  • Creative thinking
  • Multitasking

After seeing the sample above, you may know that writing a professional resume substantively is simple. Of course, you could follow the whole arrangement and structure of the sample to create your best resume.

How to MakeSimple Marketing Resume

What are the steps to write a professional and simple marketing resume? Well, it is a commonly occurred question. We have some steps that you may follow to ease you in writing a resume.

The steps to follow are:

  • Find and follow a proper formal format of a professional resume
  • Write basic contact information, including name, address, and phone number
  • Insert the information of your education
  • List the working experience
  • List the relevant skills related to the job
  • Write other important information if it is needed

People also ask

What are the must-have skills of marketing?

As a candidate for marketing, you need to have some top skills, so the kinds of duties can be handled maximally. The skills that a candidate of marketing needs to have are:

  • Social media
  • Communication skills both verbal and written
  • Creative thinking
  • Content management system
  • Analytics
  • Mobile advertising
  • Video content
  • Layout and design
  • Attention to details

How do I build a strong resume as a marketing candidate?

To build a strong resume, we have some ways that you may apply. The ways to create a strong resume are:

  • Use a special resume template
  • Add the figures and stats
  • Add the links to your work
  • Sharpen up the skills section
  • List a few hobbies
  • Keep the resume simple and short
  • Add a summary at the top of a resume

Is a design appropriate to be applied in a resume?

Well, design is an important matter inside a resume. By applying an interesting design, you could have a modern and more attractive resume. Of course, we are sure that it is also effective to get higher attention from the recruiter.

Kinds ofSimple Marketing Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional marketing resume, using a template can be a great idea to do. A template will show the detailed information that you need to write inside it. Here, we have some templates of a professional resume that could be your reference.

Digital Marketing Resume Template

Do you have some digital skills for promoting kinds of products? Well, becoming digital marketing can be a good idea to be applied. Here, you could use this template as a reference to ease you in applying for the chance.

Creative Marketing Resume Template

Writing a creative resume is a must, especially to gain the attention of the recruiter. Here, we have a simple template of the creative resume to follow. This template is quite interesting since it offers an interesting design of a professional resume that you need.

Entry Level Marketing Resume Template

For those who have no experience and want to be a new marketer, using this template is a good idea. It is a simple template to ease you highlights your potentials and capabilities so the recruiter will know your value during the recruitment process.

Professional Marketing Resume Template

Becoming professional marketing with kinds of experience will ease you to get a new job. However, to face the recruitment process, you still need to write a professional resume. Here, you could use this template as a helper to write your resume.

Experienced Marketing Resume Template

The experienced marketing will have a bigger chance to be selected, especially for management that wants to boost their selling. However, an experienced marketer still needs to follow the recruitment process. This simple marketing resume template could be a helper to highlight the capabilities.

Well, that is all about the simple marketing resume that you need to know. Since it is an important document, you need to be careful in writing a professional resume. Remember; please proofread the whole document to avoid mistakes.


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