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A modern CV template can help you land your dream job. In an increasingly advanced era, everything changes, including applying for jobs. If, in ancient times, the requirement to apply for a job was a boring curriculum vitae full of sentences. Now, the obligation to apply for a job is to attach a curriculum vitae with a variety of attractive designs and remain informative. Just like a curriculum vitae, a CV contains a list of educational history, work experience, organizational experience, skills, and achievements that have achieved.

Tips For Making Modern CV Template With No Experience

You are not only competing with dozens but hundreds or even millions of other applicants. So that for your CV to become stunning, it has to be different and have weight. Maybe, in theory, it feels smooth, includes achievement, education, organization, skills, and experience. But what if you don’t have any experience, and expertise is a column that HRDs care? Here are some tips for you.

  1. Put Strong Statement or Summary

You can start a CV with a strong statement or summary that describes yourself and your abilities. If it’s a statement, you can put it under the name and title. But if it’s a summary, you can put it below the photo before personal information.

  1. Highlight Your Impressive Qualities

To have something different but exciting, you must highlight your impressive qualities. Show the quality of yourself that stands out and, of course, by the field of work applied.

  1. Don’t Forget Organization Experience.

When you don’t have work experience, the organizational expertise can be a lifesaver. Because in the organization, you trained to adapt and collaborate with new people. Of course, the team managerial ability is an advantage.

  1. Extra-curricular Activity

Apart from organizational experience, you should also include extra-curricular activities in your CV. Such as taking courses, a club, or other non-formal education that trains skills.

  1. Put Some Hobbies

In order not to seem too stiff, you can list some exciting hobbies. So that people can see that you can be severe and relaxed under the right conditions.

Tips For Making Powerful Modern CV Template

Suppose you have sorted out what information will include in the CV. Another thing to think about is the CV design and template. A CV will be boring and uninteresting if there is too much writing in it. It will be more interesting if you present the data in an image or illustration. Because no matter how good your achievements and experiences are, if the HRD is reluctant to read your CV, then everything will be useless. Also, things considered are the relevance of the job applied. Because of excellent performance but not by the field of work, of course, it will also be useless. The last tip for making a compelling CV is to take a moment to rest after creating a CV. Then reread your curriculum vitae, find things to evaluate. If necessary, ask other people’s opinions when looking at your CV. Criticism and suggestions are needed to make a good CV and, of course, attractive to everyone.

Modern CV Design Ideas

Modern CV Ideas

You can start fixing your CV into a modern CV template to impress HRD and get your dream job.





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