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Tandai Hari Ulang Tahun Orang Terkasih Dengan Birthday Calendar Template


A birthday calendar template used to record and mark the birthdays of people in our lives so as not to forget. Giving congratulations right on the birthday will be much more valuable than missing it. It is to show how you give love and attention to them. It is especially so if you want to make a surprise party for your best friend or couple, of course, preparations made before birthdays. So the birthday calendar is the right answer.

Samples of Birthday Calendar Template

There are many examples and types of birthday calendars on the internet. If you want something easy and instant, you can download the template on the internet and then print it out. But if you want something different from your birthday calendar template, you can create your own with your creativity. Some examples of birthday calendar designs, namely:

  1. Monthly Birthday List

You can create a monthly birthday list in the form of a list of names of people who have birthdays in a specific month. The interface is more straightforward because there is no need to include exact dates. It is enough with the name of the month and the name of the birthday person and their age.

  1. Family Birthday Calendar

If there were only a few people, maybe you wouldn’t forget. But what if you have a large family with dozens of people, of course, you will need a family birthday calendar to mark each family member’s birthdays?

  1. Employee Birthday Calendar

In a company or organization, there will sometimes be an employee’s birthday calendar. Of course, this will be very meaningful to employees because they feel valued.

  1. Yearly Birthday Calendar

You can also make a birthday calendar in one year with a precise date for each month and then give a different sticker on the birthday date. Don’t forget to provide a description below about the person’s name and age in that year.

  1. Notes Birthday Calendar

Another type of birthday calendar is in the form of notes. You can use a small notebook and explain the month’s name at the top. Write the person’s name and the person’s birthday in letters.

Using Apps Birthday Calendar Template

If you don’t like the conventional way to remember birthdays. You can use a birthday calendar application that automatically reminds you the day before your birthday. Some of the apps that you can use, namely:

  1. Birthday for Android

This application has downloaded by more than five million people around the world. Getting a 4.4 / 5.0 rating on Google Play makes this app liked by many people.

  1. Birthday Reminder: Calendar Bday Alarm

Its user-friendly appearance makes this application liked by many people. This application is also quite light, only 24 MB, so it will not drain your cellphone memory.

  1. Age Calculator – Birthday Calendar and Reminder

A cute appearance, a very light application that is only 2.9 MB, automatically calculates a person’s age, causing it to get an excellent rating of 4.5 / 5.0 on the Google Play Store.

birthday calendar Example

You are free to choose to use a birthday calendar template and create your design or use the application to remind birthdays automatically.





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