Writing a Professional General Office Assistant Cover Letter

Are you interested in working in the office but you have no idea of the responsibilities? Here, you will read the responsibilities of being a general office assistant and its qualifications to be one. You will also read how to write a professional general office assistant cover letter almost at the end of the article.

Job Responsibilities of General Office Assistants

The responsibilities depend on the role of an employee. They can also be assigned to specific tasks by the superior in the company. The common responsibilities of general office assistants are greeting the company visitors and providing the needed information. They also handle the receptionist’s tasks such as answering incoming calls. They manage the office equipment, organize the files and documents, and sometimes coordinating the company meeting. The responsibilities can be more as each company has different roles assigned for the employees.

Requirements of General Office Assistants

To be general office assistants, someone at least has to earn a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree preferred. S/he also needs to have 1-3 years experience in working in the office with related job descriptions such as administrative staff with excellent skills in operating Office programs and organizing documents and files. It is better if someone owns good communication skills both in spoken and written form.

Cover Letter for General Office Assistants

The sample letter below has a similar format as other cover letters by greeting and stating the intention of applying for the position. Explain in brief the experience to highlight the career. Continue with more detailed information on the achievement, experience, and roles in the previous workplace. End with a personal number to contact for the interview stage.


Dear Mr. Roman,

I am interested in applying for a job as General Office Assistant in Roman Inc. as it is listed on the company website. My eight years of experience as an office assistant will be useful and make me the right candidate to fill the position.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Management from a reputable university and I have been working within the field since I graduated eight years ago. I have a deep understanding of the responsibilities of an office assistant as I have been assigned different roles during my career. I can operate Office and administrative programs to help the work and I have good organizational skills to keep the office in a neat and organized condition. This skill also helps me in organizing the company documents so they can be used promptly.

In my previous workplace, I received 25-35 incoming calls everyday and I am good at explaining the information to the callers or company visitors. If I am not in authority to provide the information, I directed it to the other related staff. I have worked with many people in the last eight years and there is no problem has ever happened regarding my relationship with colleagues or superiors. I believe I can contribute positively to the Roman Inc.

I can be reached at 888-333-999 for the interview. Thank you for your consideration.



Michael Roger

We hope the cover letter above can be the reference for you in writing your own general office assistant cover letter.


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