4+ General Ledger Template


General Ledger Template Sample


Help yourself in formulating company financial statements using the general ledger template sample, which can be used to calculate the balance sheet, income statement, and other financial statements.

A company certainly needs a tool to calculate financial statements in calculating income, expenses, and others. Therefore the company needs to need a general ledger template sample to calculate and form a permanent record of all business transactions.


Definition of a General Ledger Template Sample

General Ledger Template Sample is a method that contains files used to record financial transactions in spreadsheets in an organization. The template helps you keep your account safe to prepare various financial reports and handle all financial problems.

General Ledger Template Sample

The following is some information about the general ledger template sample

1. Tips on making a general ledger template sample

Here are some tips for making this template:

  • Record all information needed for the benefit of the client
  • Create an appropriate outline to display information to clients about taxation and other fees
  • Design using user-friendly templates
  • Write down some data relating to the interest rate applied to the amount of stock in debt

2. Types of general ledger template sample

The following are the types

  • Debtor Ledgers

The client adds all the trading debtor accounts to the business

  • Creditor Ledgers

Financial services add all creditor trading accounts to the seller.

  • General Ledgers

All types of accounts in the organization regarding assets, liabilities, capital or equity, income, expenses, etc.

3. How to use

Here is how to use the general ledger template sample:

  • Make a Chart of Account

Compile account code or account number, in classifying each transaction.

  • Making General Journal Books and Special Journals

Arrange transactions into a debit ledger, and select the transactions needed

  • Make a Big Book with Excel Formulas

Consists of a 6 column format: account code column, account name, description, debit, credit, and balance. At the top of the ledger table, there is a cell code and account name. Select an account code in cell D2, then the account name in cell D3 will automatically change. Likewise, there will be changes in cells in the account code column, account name, description, debit, credit, and balance. Use the IF, SUMIF, VLookup and validation functions to minimize errors

With the general ledger template sample, it can help you calculate your finances at the end of the period by using a PC.


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