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Types Of An Organizational Chart Templates


When it comes to an organization, whether it is a profitable or un profit, an organizational chart is a must to describe the organization’s hierarchy. Who’s the leader, who’s to report, or on the other hand, represent the flow of command, authority, and communication top to bottom.

Types Of An Organizational Chart Templates

The organizational chart template depends on the structure of the organization. The organization chart from one organization may be different from the other. Four organizational charts commonly used by a company :

  1. Hierarchical Types

This organization emphasizes a functional top-down organization. The CEO, CFO, and CMO are placed on the top of the hierarchy, followed by a department manager, an assistant manager, and a staff in the lowest authority. In this type, the department will be grouping by a few factors, usually by the skill and specialty of the team. Not only used by a company, but this type of organization is also popularly used by other organizations like the government, a religious organization, a school, etc. Although this type is the most popular used by a large organization worldwide, it has a weakness, and grouping a staff can provide a lack of communication between the department.

  1. Matrix Types

An organization used matrix type when the employees are grouping by a project or product. This organization consists of The CEO on the top of the chart, followed by a functional division manager who leads a few staff. The project manager will lead the team that consists of staff across divisional. For example, an accountant may be in the accountant divisions and must report to the accounting manager. But this same accountant can be a part of a project team that they must report to the project manager. This cart suits a company that has many products or an organization that provide many services.

  1. Network Types

An Organization chart that visualizes the relation between manager a top-level management, whether internal or external relation.

  1. Flat Types

They are used in a starter organization when there are no levels of management.

When you begin your business or build an organization that provides a service to the public, creating organizational chart templates is vital. Externally, this organizational chart can be a tool to convince your potential client that the organization is a legal one with a clear structure. Knowing the organization’s structure can help your client communicate with the team they need more accessible.

Internally, an organizational chart can help the employees understand their role and to whom they must report. Every corporate chart types have their strength and weakness. The kind that goes well on one organization didn’t always work on the other. Learn about your organization’s nature is essential before choosing the types of charts you want to use.

Organizational Chart Templates commonly consist of rectangular shapes and arrows to describe the flow of the authority. Adding a description is a good thing to make the chart more informative. You can search for a blank chart online or create your organizational chart for your organization. So, which is one that suits your organization?



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