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Create Raffle Tickets Templates


A raffle ticket use as a tool for gambling purposes. This ticket has a number written above. The buyer buys it in the hope of winning some prize. Nowadays, this ticket used on various occasions, as a way to decide the door prize winner is the example.

Create Raffle Tickets Templates

Did your charitable organization want to raise a fund? Does your school want to hold a marathon competition? Adding a door prize effect on your event will make the game more festive and increase people’s interest. To decide the winner of the door prize, we need to prepare raffle ticket templates. Giving door prize in this way can increase the participant expectation. It is suitable for charitable purpose because not all the participants get the prize, so we didn’t spend much money buying the door prize.

The specific characteristic of the raffle tickets is the serial number printed above. It cannot be easy because we must write down one by one. Manually creating the card is out of date. Besides, can you write and cut the tickets manually? With the help of these modern apps, we can make our raffle ticket in easy and fastly :

  1. Microsoft Apps

I’m talking about Ms. Word and Ms. Excell, of course. There are many programs build by Microsoft for this purpose, but I think the easiest way is to use these two programs we already familiar with. The first step is creating a base for your raffle tickets. Write down the name of your organization, the event name, the date, and place the even will be held. Adding a logo of your organization can be the right choice. If the base is ready, design it with a pretty style. After you are satisfied with the style of the ticket, it’s the time to copy it to accommodate the participant’s amount. We begin the problematic part, its the numbering part. Can you imagine typing down the number one by one? It’s frustrating I know, that’s why we move to Ms. Excell for the numbering. In a new cell, type a ‘Ticket Number’ and start to create the numbering by type 1 and drag down from cell 1. Click the square shape in the right cell and choose fil series to create numbering. To add the number series in Ms. Word, choose tab mailings-select recipient-and select use an existing list. Open the Excell, back to the word again, and click Insert Merge Field-Ticket Numbers in the mailings tab.

  1. Web-based apps

Some of us –Including Me- found that using Microsoft to create a raffle ticket templates is difficult. If you are so much like me, we can use many web-based apps for a less-complex way. You can go to fotor.com or canva.com for a unique and various design template. But this website is paying service. If you want a free design, you can search for printable templates and download them from the internet. But you can have many options when you come to design.

Raffle Tickets Example

Raffle Tickets Design Ideas

Raffle Tickets Ideas

Raffle tickets are the right tool to festive the event we make. If you are deciding to make yours, make sure to use the tips above.



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