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Academic Resume to Increase Personal Brand

Writing an academic resume for a college student is an important matter to do. It is a great idea to emphasize academic performance, especially when giving the admission office about who you are. On another hand, this document is also useful to increase the personal brand.

Inside this resume, you could write about the leadership responsibilities, the personal information, some experience, and others. Of course, all information should be written formally using a proper format of a professional resume.

On this occasion, we will talk about the detailed academic resume with some matters around it. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Sample of Academic Resume

To know more about the academic resume, here we have a simple sample of it. Reading a sample of this resume is very useful since you could see what to be written inside it. Besides, the detailed sample also can be a reference to make your professional resume.

Theresa Hofmann

771 1st Ave. North | St. Petersburg, FL | th.hofmann@email.com


St. Pete High School. St. Petersburg, FL

High School Diploma

Anticipated graduation: July 2020

  • 75 unweighted GPA
  • AP courses in Algebra, Biology, and English


English Club – Member/President

July 2017 – present

  • Planned kinds of club events regularly
  • Coordinated the efforts to raise the fund, especially for different kinds of events
  • Lead weekly meetings
  • Recruited the new members from the English class

School Newspaper – Editor

July 2016 – present

  • Conducted detailed research to fact check stories when it is necessary
  • Collaborated with the teacher to create the detailed layout for the newspaper
  • Reviewed and edited the detailed submissions from the writers


  • Co-caption of the senior swimming team
  • Varsity swim team for around 4 years

Work Experience

Mc Donald Restaurant – Waiter

2018 – Present

  • Received more than 90% positive customer comment cards
  • Take the detailed customer orders accurate
  • Ensure the customers get the best services
  • Frequently take home the highest tips for the consistent fast serving


  • Photography
  • Volunteer, especially for a local animal sanctuary


  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Photograph
  • Microsoft Office
  • Multitasker
  • High consistency

How to Make an Academic Resume?

Reading the academic resume sample can be a good idea, especially to get more references to create this essential document. However, knowing the steps to make a good resume is also important. By knowing the steps to make a good resume, we are sure that the result of your resume will be better.

Some steps to be known in writing a professional resume are:

  • Use the right and proper format of the academic resume
  • Include the name and relevant contact information
  • Add the detailed education
  • Includes detailed activities
  • List athletic participation if you have
  • Include the working experience
  • List the special interest

People also ask

What are the tips to make a professional academic resume?

To make a good academic resume, there are some tips to be considered. Well, the basic tips to be known in writing a professional academic resume are:

  • Keep the detailed academic resume concise
  • Focus on the length of the detailed commitment
  • Included the detailed quantifiable results
  • Highlight something unique that you have
  • Proofread the detailed academic resume carefully
  • Use a consistent format in writing the detailed academic resume

Is it proper to apply a certain design to make an academic resume?

Thinking about the design of an academic resume sometimes is important. The detailed-applied design will be very useful to increase the modern look of your academic resume. Of course, with a good design, the resume will look more interesting and up to date.

On another hand, a certain academic resume design could increase the readability of the whole resume. It means that others will be easier to read your detailed information and it is good to get higher attention from the recruiters.

What should not be included inside an academic resume?

As we have said before, an academic resume is an essential document. That is why you need to be careful in inserting the detailed matters there. Here, there are some matters to not include inside a professional academic resume. The matters are:

  • Unprofessional email
  • Full mailing address
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Personal details
  • Irrelevant social media
  • Buzzwords

Kinds of Academic Resume Templates

To ease you in writing a professional academic resume, here we have some templates of it. The template can be a great idea to ease you in writing a detailed resume. Of course, you could choose the most appropriate template based on your need.

Advisor Academic Resume Template

This template comes to be another reference for those who want to be a new advisor. Since there will be a long recruitment process, this template will be helpful to build personal value.

High School Academic Resume Student Template

As its name, this template will be a very useful sample for high school students. By using this template, they could make their first academic resume easily. Besides, it is free and easy to be edited with the proper software.

Professional Academic Resume Template

Writing a professional academic resume sometimes is challenging. However, with this template, all you need to do can be handled easily. This template provides the basic shape of a professional resume, so you just need to follow it.

Simple Academic Resume Template

The simple template is a free and versatile template to be applied. It can be applied by personal as a new reference. Of course, it has a clean format to help you know what to be included inside a professional academic resume.

Experienced Academic Resume Template

This template is very useful, especially for the experienced candidate that wants to get a new job. By using this template, of course, improving the detailed resume will be easier to be done. It can be applied in academic fields or other commercial fields.

Well, that is all about the academic resume that you need to know. You could choose the best templates and then edit the detailed information, as your need. Make a professional academic resume and get your dreamed new position.

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