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Nursing Assistant Resume to Get the First Job

Writing a professional nursing assistant resume is a very important step, especially to start the journey of searching for a new job. Well, a resume is an essential document to show personal information and highlight some capabilities and skills.

Of course, the detailed information inside a resume will be a consideration by a recruiter to value whether a candidate can be recruited or not. Then, when writing a professional resume, make sure to reference the detailed job description, which could help you get the employer’s attention.

Sample of Nursing Assistant Resume

Since a resume is an important document to be prepared during the recruitment process, of course considering the sample of nursing assistant resume is also important. A sample can be a good reference, especially to know what to be included and what to be written inside it.

Here, we have a simple sample of a nursing assistant resume that can be your reference.

Alexandra Sofia

Oklahoma, US | (555) 711-9102 | Alexandra.sofia@email.com


Patient-focused and energetic certified nursing assistant with 10+ years of experience providing high and maximal patient care in long-term nursing homes and health care centers.


Oklahoma Western University

June 2005 – November 2009

Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Employment Experience

Jenkins and Crane, Certified Nursing Assistant

July 2019 – current

  • Assisting the nursing home residents with the detailed daily activities, including bathing, eating, dressing, and others
  • Established personalized bedtime routine for more than 25 residents
  • Spearheaded a new and improved schedule for changing the sheets of bed that cut laundry time

Retail Ocean, Certified Nursing Assistant

June 2015 – July 2019

  • Ensured that the residents were kept dry and clean during the treatment
  • Sanitized the whole equipment, folded the linens, and stocked several kinds of supplies to prepare for the morning shift for the nurse
  • Regularly worked at night shift as part of the detailed rotating schedule
  • Quickly adapting for the different duties


  • Complete knowledge of medical terminology
  • Time management
  • Multitasking
  • Capability to adapt to different situation
  • High dedication

How to Make a Nursing Assistant Resume?

The nursing assistant resume sample as above can be a reference for those who want to write this essential document in applying for a new job. However, there are some basic steps to be known to start writing it.

The basic steps to be known in writing a good resume are:

  • Follow the formal and proper format of professional nursing assistant resume
  • Quantify the detailed accomplishments
  • Write the detailed education
  • Include the relevant employment experience
  • Write the relevant skills to get more attention

People also ask

What are the common skills that a nursing assistant should have?

There are some common skills that a candidate for nursing assistant should have. The common skills are:

  • System evaluation
  • Science
  • Planned healthcare
  • Long-term care
  • Learning strategies
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Instructing
  • Leadership
  • Active listening

Is a specific design of nursing assistant resume important to be applied?

Thinking about the nursing assistant resume design sometimes is needed. The design is very interesting to renew the appearance of a resume. Of course, your resume will be more attractive to be seen with a unique design.

On another hand, a design is also helpful to increase the readability of the detailed resume. With a certain design, the recruiter will be easier to read the detailed information inside a resume. However, you cannot apply the over-designed resume since it is a formal document.

What to be avoided in writing a nursing assistant resume?

In writing a resume to be a nursing assistant, there are some matters to be avoided. Since it is an important and formal document, you need to be selective in writing the detailed information. Make sure that you only write an important point.

Then, keep the resume concise. You need to be selective in choosing what to be written there. Try to see some samples of it to find the reference of what important information to be added.

Kinds of Nursing Assistant Resume Template

To ease you in writing a resume for a nursing assistant, we have some templates of nursing assistant resume here. Using a template is very interesting. You could see the arrangement of detailed information and how to manage the detailed resume.

Entry Level Nursing Assistant Resume Template

The entry-level nursing assistant resume template here is what you need to start the journey of looking for a new job. By using this template, of course, you could show the whole potential, which will be considered by the recruiters.

Simple Nursing Assistant Resume Template

Are you looking for a simple and easy-to-follow template for a nursing assistant resume? Well, this template is your answer. It is a very simple template to create a modern and professional resume. Of course, it is free and you could edit it easily.

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Template

Creating a professional and certified nursing assistant resume sometimes is challenging. However, this template will make it easier. By using this template, all you need to do is updating the detailed personal information. You do not need to change the arrangement of the points.

School Nursing Assistant Resume Template

Trying to make a resume to apply for the chance of nursing at school? This template can be your helper. It is a free template to be downloaded and you could edit it freely. Of course, this template shows what to be written inside a professional resume.

Basic Nursing Assistant Resume Template

The basic nursing assistant resume template is the simplest sample that you could use. It is not only a simple sample but also a very versatile resume. It means you could use this template for several different occasions, especially to get a new job in the medical field as a new nurse.

Based on some details above, we could see some matters about the nursing assistant resume to be considered. Of course, by knowing what to be written inside this document, writing a professional resume will be easier and the chances to be recruited as a new employee will be bigger. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.

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