Graceful Resignation Letter to Create Unforgettable Last Moments

Resignation sometimes becomes an emotional phase. Well, it is reasonable since an individual will be separated from their co-workers. That is why when you decide to move from your job, creating a graceful resignationis needed, as a strategy to create an unforgettable last moment.

As we know, making a good last moment is needed. It will be the phase to keep the future relationship. Besides, the graceful resignation also could be evidence that the employer and all co-workers are very meant to you. It is a kind of appreciation.


What Does Graceful Resignation Mean?

Substantively, a graceful resignation is similar to the common resignation letter. However, the main different matter here is the tone of the writing. The graceful resignation comes with a polite writing tone using a simple language option to state a clear message.

Since a resignation letter is a formal document, of course, considering the detailed writing style is very essential. The tone of the letter will influence the effect when the readers read the written letter.

What to Say in Writing Graceful Resignation?

To make a graceful resignation letter, these are some matters to be included inside the letter. The parts of it will show your professionalism and help you to make a good letter.

Well, some matters to be included inside the graceful resignation letter are:

  • Detailed intent to resign
  • The last day of employment
  • An offer to assist the employer to find the replacement when it is relevant
  • Detailed contact information

Some Tips to Write a Perfect Graceful Resignation

The tone is very essential in writing a graceful resignation letter. However, the tone isn’t enough. Following an appropriate format of the graceful resignation letter is needed. Try to find a template of it to ease you in writing the detailed letter.

Besides, push yourself to make a simple and brief graceful resignation letter. The letter will be better to be written only on a page. That is why you do not need to tell the detailed reasons for leaving or complete stories when you are staying in the company.

Sample of Graceful Resignation

Dear Mr. Jeremy

Through this letter, I want to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as a manager at Jeremy’s Communication. My resignation is due to personal reasons. The last day of work will be April 19, 2011, so I ask you to accept this letter as my two-week notice of resignation.

I appreciated the chances and opportunities that I got. However, I feel that it is the right time for me to leave this company. I feel sorry for all mistakes that I have done. When you need more information, please contact me at (999) 121-1111.



That is all about the graceful resignation letter that you need to know. Remember, the graceful resignationcannot be sent in a hurry. You need to provide times for the employer to read the detailed message inside the letter. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all and could be a consideration in making it.



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