Retirement Letter to Clients for Showing Professionalism

For some specific jobs, retirement is not as easy as it is seen. Of course, it will deliver an internal effect, especially for the stakeholder. On another hand, retirement also will give an external effect. That is why writing a retirement letter to clients sometimes is needed.

As its name, this letter is a special retirement letter that is written for the clients. An employee needs to write this kind of letter to appreciate the close relationship with the clients. Besides, this letter also could be a way to show the professionalism of the employee.


What to Do in Writing Retirement Letter to Clients?

A retirement letter includes in a formal letter. That is why you need to be careful in making it. As a formal document, finding an official template of this letter is needed, so you could make this idea of letter easier.

These are some matters to be included inside this letter, as:

  • Give the date of retirement
  • Mention the success at the company and the relationship with the clients
  • Express gratitude for the detailed relationship with the clients
  • Offer an additional service when it is relevant
  • Provide the detailed and newest contact information

Tips to Make a Good Retirement Letter to Clients

Since a retirement letter is a formal document, these are some tips that you need to consider in making it. The tips will help you to make a clear letter with an easy-to-understand message.

In making this letter, be sure to maintain a professional tone. It is quite essential since the tone will influence the reader to understand your statement.

Then, keep the letter short and simple. It will be better when you state all messages to the points. Besides, do not forget to proofread the letter before sending it to the clients. When it is not possible to send the printed letter, you may share the digitalized letter through an email.

What to Avoid in Making Retirement Letter to Clients?

To keep your professionalism, these are some matters to be avoided in making the retirement letter to your clients. The negative comments about the jobs and the boss cannot be mentioned inside the letter. You need to keep the name of your ex-company positive.

On another hand, avoid making too-long explanations. You do not need to write all stories that you have previously on the company.

Sample of Retirement Letter to Clients

Dear Mr. Jimmy

Through this letter, I want to inform that starting on June 12, 2019, I will be retiring as a Senior Sales Associate with the Green Corporation. I feel that it is a certain time for me to move on and start a new phase of my life.

I wanted you to know that I enjoyed having business with you. I appreciated the trust that you put in me. I hope that our relationship could be kept after my retirement. During my retirement, the management has been decided on Thomas as my replacement.

He is a good guy with many experiences. I am sure that he will maximally help you to handle your request. When you have some questions for me, please call me at (999) 181-1111. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the retirement letter to clients. You may look for another sample to get more consideration before making your best.


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