Resignation Letter Due to Stress for Taking More Rest

Stress becomes a serious problem and it could disturb an employee to finish his or her job. Well, when you face this condition and the doctor says that you need to take more rest, sending the resignation letter due to stress may become the best option to be chosen.

Some people may say that leaving the job because of stress is weird. However, in some cases, stress will cause a terrible problem and the company also will get its impact. Besides, by making the resignation letter, the employee could state their reason completely.


What is Resignation Letter Due to Stress?

A resignation letter can be known as a document to notify the employer that you want to leave your current job. Through this letter, the formal departure for the current employment could be stated clearly. This letter could be sent by email or printed letter.

Substantively, you do not need to mention a clear reason for leaving the job. However, to ease getting permission, mentioning the reason can be a good idea. About the resignation letter due to stress, please state about the health problem and add the medical record when it is needed.

What to Include in Resignation Letter Due to Stress?

When you make a resignation letter due to stress, these are some matters to be included. Remember, the detailed points will help you to state the reason for leaving clearly. Some matters to be included in a resignation letter are:

  • The intent to resign, including the reasons for leaving
  • The last day of the employment
  • An offer to assist the transition
  • Contact information

Things to Consider in Writing Resignation Letter Due to Stress

These are some matters that you need to consider during writing the resignation letter due to stress. First, you need to remember that you should be grateful for every chance and opportunity you get during the working period.

Besides, you also need to emphasize that the letter is not a voluntary exit. This matter is quite essential because you could get a good impression after leaving the job.

Another matter to be considered in making this letter is providing a specific statement for leaving, especially about the health reason. It will be better for you to attach the medical record.

Sample of Resignation Letter Due to Stress

Dear Mr. Reyna

Through this letter, I want to inform you about my resigning from my current position as a General Manager at Johnson Company due to stress. Over three months ago, I felt terrible sickness. Then, after I checked with the doctor, he said that stress was significantly increased.

Later, the doctor said that I should take more time to rest. I am so sad since I very enjoy my job. However, because of the health problem, I cannot continue handling some projects. I will officially leave my position on October 14, 2019.

If you need me to find my replacement, I will be there to help you. Please call me at (999) 121-1919 for further information. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the resignation letter due to stress that you need to know. Write carefully and show your professionalism!


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