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Easy-to-edit 4 x 6 Recipe Card Template Samples

A recipe card is a piece of paper that contains certain recipes. It may contain one or more recipes. It is designed creatively to make it interesting. A recipe card is available in different sizes. In this article, we will focus on discussing a 4 x 6 recipe card template.

How to Create a 4 x 6 Recipe Card

Even though you can create a recipe card easily using our PSD 4 x 6 recipe card templates, you still need to know how to write it yourself. Firstly, you should select the size & shape of the recipe card. In this case, you must choose 4×6”.

After that, you need to select a theme. Make sure that the theme is appropriate for the recipe you would like to add. Then, it is also a good idea to personalize the recipe card with images. The images must be of high quality.

In addition, do not forget to describe a 4 x 6 recipe card template PSD it engaging text. Anyway, you have to keep it simple, attractive, and readable. Before you print out the recipe card, you are required to review it once again to ensure that there is no mistake.

Creating a 4 x 6 Recipe Card Using Ms. Word

Ms. Word is one of the simplest tools to make a recipe card. Actually, Ms. Word has no specific template for a recipe card. However, you are allowed to transform a recipe card template fast. In this case, you just need to double-click the first template so that it appears in the search results.

Here, you will see a booklet. Then, the booklet will open in a few moments. After it opens, you will be able to transform it to a 4 x 6 recipe card PSD template sample easily. Next, you can fulfill it with your desired recipes or contents.

Sizes of Recipe Cards

A recipe card is available in different sizes. 4 x 6 is the mid-size of a recipe card. Because of the ideal size, many people prefer this size of recipe card to other options. However, just feel free to create a recipe card with your desired size.

For the smaller size, a recipe card usually comes in 3 x 5 inches. This size is considered an old-fashioned style. Besides that, there is also a larger size. In this case, the recipe card is available in 5 x 7 inches. However, this one belongs to the oversized style.

Editable Recipe Card Templates

This article contains a collection of editable 4 x 6 recipe card templates PSD. They come in various formats and layouts. All of the templates are eye-catching and understandable. Besides that, they all are also downloadable, editable, and usable.

So, just feel free to pick your preferred 4 x 6 recipe card template available in this article. To fit your needs, you can easily edit it using Adobe Photoshop or any other editing tool. Hopefully, our templates can help you to create a recipe card you want.

4 x 6 Recipe Card Ideas

4 x 6 Recipe Card Example

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